Top 10 Best TheTopTens Lists to Remix

Have you been doing remixes for a while now? How about check out this list to see some lists that you can remix. Things might be familiar though, but maybe you can find a list from this list that you haven't remixed yet or something. Anyway here it is. Here's the list of lists to remix.

The Top Ten

1 Best Songs of All Time

There are some things in this world that are impossible to do, and even thinking about trying to remix Best Songs of All Time is one of them. I'm not going to attempt it. The only certainty is what song my Number One choice would be. And that's as far as it goes. - Britgirl

Add your favorite songs and your critical thinking best songs of all time on that remix if you're doing this one. It's your heart's desire. - LightningStrike

This is too hard to do :( - Userguy44

I had a hard time remixing it because I have too many favorite songs and changed the remix several times 😊 - Metal_Treasure

2 Best Movies of All Time

What are your favorite movies? Also, how many movies have you seen in your life? Make sure you can watch the more famous ones too. - LightningStrike

1. Lotr rotk
2. the dark knight
3. Braveheart
4. Lotr fotr
5. Lotr ttt
6. the incredibles
7. Captain America: Civil War
8. the Lego movie

3 Worst Songs of All Time

What do you think are your least favorite songs? Make a remix about it. - LightningStrike

Definitely one of the worst to remix, if you a person that likes to avoid terrible songs, you wouldn't have a worst songs list to make, a better list to remix is the most disappointing songs of all time, because these are the songs you wanted to listen to and enjoy but it just fell short of what it should have been to you - germshep24

4 Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time
5 Top Ten Best Cartoons
6 Top 10 Favorite Songs of TheTopTens Users
7 Top Ten Muscular Female Celebrities

I tried. I can't remix it - LightningStrike

8 Best Xbox Games
9 Top 10 Female Celebrities with the Best Abs

I also tried on this one too. Just stop. - LightningStrike

Ok, I’m sorry, I’ll stop. I just think this list is very cool and I want more people to know about it. It’s not my list by the way, but I like it. Please forgive me for voting.

10 Best Values to Live By

The Contenders

11 Greatest Things Ever

This would be one of the hardest to remix. - ParasN2000

What are your favorite things in general? - LightningStrike

12 Greatest Music Artists of All Time
13 Best Albums of All Time

My opinion in this area probably differs from the norm the most, my favorite album being from a decently obscure bluegrass band. I guess I can finally live out my hippy dreams

What are your favorite Albums? How many albums have you listened to in your life? Make sure you can also listen to the more famous ones too. - LightningStrike

14 Top Ten Favourite Foods

Which foods do you enjoy the most? - HoldenFanatic

Yes! That's a good one - LightningStrike

15 Worst Things Trump Has Done as President
16 Most Annoying Things in Life

#1: The inevitable self-promotions here. - Cyri

What bothers you the most? - LightningStrike

17 Worst Season by an NFL Team
18 Top 10 Worst Singers Ever

Who are your least favorite singers? Have you listened to them all? - LightningStrike

19 Top 10 Best TheTopTens Lists to Remix

Top 10 Best Reasons to Remix the Top 10 Best TheTopTens List to Remix.
Top 10 Best Reasons to Remix the Top 10 Best Reasons to Remix the Top 10 Best TheTopTens List to Remix.
The endless cycle has been created and will not stop until it rifts through all of time and space. - nerffan8000

20 Top Ten Pet Peeves On TheTopTens
21 Best Singers of All Time

Who are your favorite singers? Have you listened to them all? - LightningStrike

22 Top 10 Worst Things Ever

What things do you hate the most? (Make sure you putt hell at Number 1 on that remix) - LightningStrike

23 Most Hilariously Wrong Technology Predictions of All Time
24 Top 10 Best Songs to Twerk To

Whoever added this is an Idiot - LightningStrike

I actually did do a remix on this list. You all will love it 😂 - LightningStrike

25 Top Ten Best Pornstars

Why, who is watching porn in way that they have favorite pornstars they must watch every movie they made, and some peoples favorite porn may not even be with pornstars but cam girls or Dom/mes because that gets them excited more - germshep24

Shut up. Porn is overrated. - LightningStrike

26 Top 10 Most Ignorant and Absurd Music Comments on TheTopTens
27 Top Ten Best Bands of All Time

Hard to remix, but it's nice to do. - Userguy44

28 Worst Albums of All Time

What are your least favorite albums? Oh yeah, and make sure you put Blackstar in your dishonorable mentions too. - LightningStrike

Another bad list to remix, why would you but yourself through terrible albums just to be able to make a remix of a list - germshep24

29 Worst Songs to Play at a Funeral

AC⚡DC's Highway to hell is at number 1 on that list. It totally deserves that spot - LightningStrike

30 Worst Things About TheTopTens

A pretty descent list to remix, especially if we could make changes to the site to fix these problems - germshep24

What do you think is wrong with this website? Make a remix on this list - LightningStrike

31 Best Horror Movies of All Time
32 Top 10 National Dishes
33 Funniest Signs Around the World
34 Top Ten Best Cartoon Characters
35 Celebrities Who Might Die in 2019

Hey, that's one of my lists - LightningStrike

Why is this on here, who wants to think about celebrities that are really old that doesn't have much time left on this earth or keeping up with celebrity illness news - germshep24

36 Top 10 Lists That Should Be Removed from TheTopTens
37 Best Album Covers of 2019
38 Best "So Bad It's Good" Movies
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