Top Ten TheTopTens Lists Ruined by Trolls

I do not like how these excellent lists were all ruined!

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41 Top Ten Things to Love About Pinkie Pie

A Troll Added "She's Ugly" And "She Farts" - JPK

42 Worst Disney Movies of All Time

Seriously, THE LION KING IS 14! And Frozen is 18, Bolt is 23, The Princess and the Frog is 30, Tangled is 37, The Lion King 1½ is 40, Brave is 42, Cars is 51, Toy Story is 56, Dumbo is 58, Beauty and the Beast is 62, Oliver & Company is 66, The Little Mermaid is 67, Tarzan is 69, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride is 70, Sleeping Beauty is 72, Cinderella is 73, Mulan is 75, Robin Hood is 77, Monsters, Inc. is 78, Peter Pan is 81, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is 84, The Rescuers is 88, and there's more than that even! Plus they actually think The Lion King, Frozen, Bolt, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Brave, and Cars are worse than Camp Rock, they also think those plus Toy Story and Dumbo are worse than Frenemies, and on top of all that they even have The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame higher than their sequels! Like COME ON! Why can't Camp Rock be 14 instead of The Lion King? If anything The Lion King should have been THE ...more

Yeah The List Does Suck Hard, At Least The Lion King, Toy Story, Zootopia, Inside Out, and Wreck-It Ralph Are Towards The Bottom Of The List - VideoGamefan5

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43 Top Ten Poser Metal Bands

I HATE retarded elitists who call bands that are metal "fake" metal because they're more popular than other metal bands. - NikBrusk

It's just a bunch of extreme metalheads hating pretty much every decent metal band - Lem

44 Top Ten Things You'd Like To Throw at Elsa From Frozen

Well, this is a stupid list anyway. P.S.: I'm not a Frozen let alone Elsa fan, just someone who doesn't see the point in listing things to throw at a computer generated image that can't be hurt by them and can't believe there are so many lists that have the same point (this extends to non-Frozen subject, too).

That list was trolled by a very annoying caps girl. - SamuiNeko

It's A Pretty Funny List Though

Yep, there’s a caps person yelling in caps about how nobody can throw bricks at Elsa since she is sensetive. - Lunala

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45 Most Annoying Non-Official Disney Pairings

Someone who ships Penny from "bolt" with Ted from "The Lorax", hates the so-called "Modern 4" pairings, and is way too passionate about both "causes" took over the list, resulting in Penny/Hiro and Wilbur/Violet being much higher than the should be (how are they worse than the common alternatives involving bestiality and father/son incest respectively, and the Modern 4 has nowhere near as many fans compared to the Big 4) and both those list items having 20+ very annoying and repetitive comments.

Not to mention here was this same list mention on the "lists that should be removed" one, and there that same person and their no-less obnoxious and arrogant friends went and thumbs-downed the comments and wrote ones along the lines of "ha ha no one cares" and thumbs-upped those comments.

Just when you thought they were finally gone, the Ted(from The Lorax)/Penny (from Bolt) shipper is back. How do I know? Penny/Hiro and Wilbur/Violet are IN THE TOP 5, even over Wilbur/Lewis, Penny/Bolt, and Hiro/Tadashi which being incest and in the case of Penny/Bolt bestiality are much worse!

46 Top 10 Cutest Super Smash Bros 3ds and Wii U Characters

Ruined by trolls... and shippers.

47 Top Ten Worst Trends Kids Are Into

Not ruined by trolls per say, but it was ruined by people being biased and adding stuff they don't like that aren't even trends. - NikBrusk

48 Top 10 Greatest Mario Games of All Time

There's that stupid Peach Hater who keeps going around saying "this game sucks! Peach should've been replaced by Daisy and Rosalina! She was so bossy and cranky! " - DCfnaf

49 Top Ten Fictional Characters that Would Most Likely Be on Santa's Naughty List

The Lion King Hater
Enough Said - JPK

50 Top 10 Fictional Characters Who Should Be In Prison

Trolls Added Good Characters That Aren't Villains - JPK

Get this off the list.

51 Best Things Rainbow Dash Did

The Trolls Were Mean To One Of The Best Users On This Site Which Was TwilightKitsune - JPK

52 Most Cringeworthy Movies

The person who treats TLK like the spawn of Satan needs to find something better to do with their time.

Gotta love how that person who thinks The Lion King is the worst thing ever created by mankind complains that people worship this movie, yet he/she treats Zootopia, Balto, Sonic, and MLP like they're the Holy Grail.

The Lion King Hater
Enough Said - JPK

53 Top 10 Most Mature Nickelodeon Shows

People added Fred:the show, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Marvin Marvin.

54 Top Ten Reasons Why Ready Jet Go Is Better Than PJ Masks

I told the trolls to go get a life, by the way, I'm not a fan of the internet trolls, I'm a fan of the MOVIE Trolls. - Trollsfan536

I saw someone submit "Go eat poop" to the list.

I didn't see any troll items on the list.

I guess you should've went to my account, clicked on the list, and you will see. - Trollsfan536

55 Top Ten Things that are Most America
56 Best Powerpuff Girls Characters

All because a troll decided to add all those awful 2016 reboot characters to the list. It depresses me, honestly. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

57 Top Ten Reasons Why Netflix Has Gone Downhill

Some trolls added items like Sanjay and Craig and The Emoji Movie not streaming on Netflix and even stuff like "Pornhub taking all the competition" and "there are ISIS videos on Netflix". It's kind of sad when you put a lot of effort into an HQ list only for some trolls to ruin it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

58 Best Movies with Worldwide Box Office Over 1 Billion Dollars

There's This Marvel Hater That Keeps Spamming Hate Comments And It's VERY Annoying
It's Fine If You Don't Like Marvel, But Spamming Is Very Irritating - JPK

59 Music Artists Who Should Make the Opening Songs for Sword Art Online's Sequel Season

Thankfully, with some help, me and everyone else managed to help fix most of this list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ruined by trolls and haters adding bad music artists to the list. Enough said. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

60 Worst Songs of 2014

No. It's still fine. - DankGodX

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