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61 Worst Songs of 2015

The list is mainly correct, but there are a few songs that shouldn't even be there. Here, Adele's whole 25 album and other songs among that. - Swellow

Selfdestruct again, he caused Hello to be above anything from Sremmlife. - WonkeyDude98

62 Top Ten Things that Should Be Illegal

My Little Pony Is On The List
I Think I've Said Enough - JPK

63 Top Ten Terrible Disney Movies That Everyone Likes For Some Reason

Actually, it wasn't ruined. Over-sensitive Zootopia fans just can't accept that not everyone loves and worships their holy film, or that their holy film is anything but absolutely perfect.

3 Words: Zootopia Hate Comments, Enough Said, I've Never Seen So Much Hate On It Before - VideoGamefan5

Disney is awful but it all it's movies are bad. The only good one is Zootopia - AlphaQ

The Trolls Put In Hate Comments On Zootopia
And Nobody Does Anything About It

64 Worst Songs of All Time
65 Music Artist that Have Never Released a Good Album

This was my most popular list and it was ruined by trolls and that pop vs metal war - christangrant

66 Most Overhated Things on TheTopTens

Someone keeps making stupid comments there, keeps voting a particular item thus it now ranks much that it by any logic (and of course supplements it with more lackluster comments), and bullying those who disagree themeslf on at least two items there. And that person's comments do have a signature so it's quite obviously the same user, though I'm not naming any names.

67 Best Movies Of All Time
68 Worst Albums of All Time

Some idiot came in, submitted David Bowie's Blackstar, and thanks to TTT's ability to vote multiple times on different devices, VOILA! It's somehow #1. - naFrovivuS

Apparently Blackstar Is Still At #1...Oh Lord... - DankGodX

69 Top Ten Reasons Why My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is Better Than Liv and Maddie

An Anti-Brony Ruined My List - JPK

UPDATE: The Comment That Ruined The List Is Gone, So The List Isn't Ruined Anymore! 😄🎉🎊 - JPK

70 Top 10 Stupidest Fictional Female Characters

The Lion King Hater AGAIN! - JPK

71 Top 10 Most Iconic Fictional Characters of All Time

A bot made Forrest Gump number 1 - 445956

Trolls Added Dora, Peppa Pig, Bella Swan, All The Characters From The Emoji Movie, etc - JPK

72 Top 10 Ways to Describe Toad from the Mario Series

Sadly, This Great List Was Ruined BRUTALLY By A Troll - JPK

73 Top Ten Worst Cartoons Ever

Some Entries Are Just Disrespectful To Fans

74 Top Ten Dumbest Comparisons In "Reasons Why This Is Better Than That" Lists On TheTopTens

One person on that list said that Justin Bieber is better than Britgirl.

75 Top Ten Reasons Why Consoles are Better than PCs
76 Best Jimmy Neutron Characters
77 Top Ten TopTenners Who Have Openly Revealed Their Real Name
78 Top Ten Most Stereotyped Countries

This used to be a decent list, where we had jokes about Brits drinking tea every day and Koreans eating dogs. Now people are using it as an excuse to be racist. It's making me begin to regret making this list, as for a start, it makes my list feed somewhat depressing. - PositronWildhawk

79 Top Ten Worst Nightmares About Nick Jr. Shows

It was a good list for a lil bit until mlpyes ruined it by putting in the list like ''paw patrol singing'' who has nightmares about dogs singing?

My Mom's Preschoolers Would Actually Like Paw Patrol Singing - JPK

80 Best Star vs the Forces of Evil Episodes

It shouldn't have been made in the first place. Who ships people in trashy rubbish like this.

Espically Mewberty. - TheKirbyCreeper999

Um, dude? People have a right to like Star vs the Forces of Evil just as much as you have a right to dislike it. Ever heard of different opinions? Just saying. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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