Top Ten TheTopTens Lists Ruined by Trolls


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101 Top Ten Greatest Sports
102 Top Ten Worst Songs to Send to Your Friends
103 Most Timeless Albums

A Troll added every bad album in existance - christangrant

104 Music Artist Who are Always Submitted to a Best List

A troll added BOTDF Limp Bizkit and Black Veil Brides to this list I made - christangrant

105 Top Ten Worst Lyrics That Could Be Put In a Song

If it wasn't ruined by that one lyric about that creepy Kinder Surprise commercial then it would've been a decent list!

106 Top 10 Worst Music Artist Collaborations

Most of the collaborations on there never even happened. Nicki Minaj and Ozzy Osbourne? NEVER HAPPENED AND NEVER WILL!

107 Songs With the Worst Messages

What is it with the idiotic troll who keeps putting great artists like David Bowie, The Beatles, Metallica, and Pink Floyd on ever worst list? They never made songs with bad messages!

108 Top 10 Most Narcissistic Songs of All Time
109 Top 10 Music Artists to Easily Make Fun Of
110 Top 10 Good Songs Always Submitted to Worst Lists by Trolls
111 Top 10 Worst Songs that are Always Played at a School Party
112 Worst Phineas and Ferb Characters

Half of the characters on that list weren't even Phineas and Ferb Characters. They put Princess Peach, Amy Rose, Barbie Doll, and many others who never made an appearance on that show.

113 Top 10 Best Animated Movies

They put The Lion King on number 1 on every "best" list ever. That is wrong. That movie sucks big time and does not deserve to be the best in anything.

114 Top 10 Best Disney Movies
115 Top Ten Most Annoying Things Of 2016
116 Best My Little Pony Couples
117 Episodes That Should Be On Season 5 of My Little Pony
118 Top Ten Gay Cartoon Characters
119 Top 10 Zootopia Characters
120 Top Ten Worst Books Ever

They even put The BFG, Great Expectations, 1984, To Kill a Mockingbird and the BIBLE on it...just... - Entranced98

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