TheTopTens Members We Would Miss If They Disappeared

The Top Ten TheTopTens Members We Would Miss If They Disappeared

1 Britgirl

I would be so sad if she were to leave us.

I don't want to picture that. She was once gone for a few days, and it was hollow in that time.

I couldn't imagine the top tens without Britgirl!
It might be a little boring without her.

Yeah it would be sad:(

2 PositronWildhawk

Pos and I became members at pretty much the same time. I really would miss his friendship, lists and humour - and him himself of course!

TheTopTens will never be the same if P.W. or Britgirl leaves this site. It'll be a big loss. I can't imagine them leaving.

3 Kiteretsunu

We would all miss him from the bottom of our hearts.

Please don't ever dissapear, I would be boring without you

4 Subhashsahu

Best guy ever! My favourite wrestlers too are Undertaker and Brock Lesnar! Don't mind the haters. Wish you could be my friend.

Yes! I will retire when I will achieve every thing in this website. I don't know how much time it will take.
Thanks all of you who have voted on my lists.

5 Keyson
6 CartoonsGirl

I would miss, her so much:(

7 MoldySock
8 EpicJake

I will not miss EpicJake because he always compares something bad to something good.

9 Curit2594
10 Garythesnail

The Contenders

11 admin

He runs the site so we would have no TheTop


I mean... why would anyone miss him? He's just the admin

12 TopTenJackson
13 JandS3000

I wouldn't want him to go. His lists are flipping awesome

14 nintendofan126

Don't worry guys, I'm not going anywhere

15 simpsonsdude
16 JaysTop10List
17 Funnyuser

Funnyuser is the funniest top ten user on the top tens, without her the top tens wouldn't be that funny and there wouldn't be any contest every month.

Funnyuser is one of those awesome users who keeps TheTopTens alive. Without her awesome randomness, we'd all be doomed!

Thank you, thank you very much! Yeah I'm Elvis! Do the disco, sorry that's how I celebrate.

She followed me. She's awesome.

18 Hezarioseth

My best friend on this site.

19 Jacob_064
20 Heydude
21 happyhappyjoyjoy
22 AngryByrd

I remember him! he was so nice~

23 ModernSpongebobSucks
24 htoutlaws2012

The king of remixes and lists who has been here since 2012, half a decade now, We would all be sad if he retired or disappeared

It would be a tragedy if he left

25 SpectralOwl
26 AJkloth
27 Artattack
28 usa123
29 NerdyPweeps

I don't know why I'm on this list, but thank you all the same!

30 TheAlterPlace
31 BradenC123
32 Yatharthb
33 hriday
34 Simpsondude

Wow thanks guys I'm surprised I'm on here

35 BattleForDreamIslandLists
36 Sasukes_Princess
37 CerealGuy
38 Dirtman
39 RalphBob
40 Smiler
41 BKAllmighty
42 PetSounds
43 Catacorn
44 TwilightKitsune
45 OhioStateBuckeyes

I did leave

46 NuMetalManiak
47 Yoshidude
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