Top 10 TheTopTens Members You Should Follow


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1 Britgirl

Britgirl she is the One member who you must follow she's got the nicest Heart you could ever meet! - Curti2594

I do follow her. And why not? She's the best. - PositronWildhawk

I also follow her as well - aicrocks17

Everyone should follow britgirl. - egnomac

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2 PositronWildhawk

Positron is one of the best persons you can follow after Britgirl. He's very friendly, and is intelligent too! You must follow him and Sister (Britgirl) if you're a new beginner member to this site. - Kiteretsunu

Positron wild hawk he epic - CityGuru

My oldest TopTen friend. He was the first person I followed. In fact, he had to tell me how to do it!
Kormo, every Top Tenner deserves at least one follower. Thank you for including me, you're too nice =) - Britgirl

3 keyson
4 Kiteretsunu

Would definitely suggesting that all of you to follow him, funny and kind guy with hilarious and thoughtful lists - SuperHyperman

5 kormo
6 matrixguy
7 Evilangel

Thank you for adding me to this list, but there are much better members than me - EvilAngel

8 lussy
9 Admin

I follow them, but they only follow back few users. Are they admin's favorite users? - zxm

You should follow him! - funnyuser

10 PetSounds

One of the smartest users on here that's for sure.

The Contenders

11 Puga
12 MissBritain
13 Alexandr
14 visitor

I'm the only one following visitor! - happyhappyjoyjoy

15 Curti2594

Thxs for the nice honour but I'm not nearly as significant when it comes to following Members!

Unless you want a lot of silly comments with not that many lists & a few Remixes! - Curti2594

16 subhashsahu
17 funnyuser
18 JandS3000
19 nintendofan126
20 toy
21 Cityguru

You should definitely CG. He's a really nice top Tenner. And his lists are amazing too! - Kiteretsunu

22 Booklover
23 jhunk
24 LokiLaufeyson2000
25 AlekhyaDas
26 EpicKell098
27 FrankP
28 Roblist
29 Irina2932
30 Toptenjackson
31 EpicJake
32 cosmo
33 Money1208
34 OhioStateBuckeyes
35 Coolguy10
36 LeotheGangstacat
37 Otakugamergirl
38 htoutlaws2012

Why did I have to add him? He follows just about anybody. Follow him back. - mmarce445

39 ParkerFang
40 Sausagelover99
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1. Britgirl
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3. keyson
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