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1 Britgirl

Britgirl she is the One member who you must follow she's got the nicest Heart you could ever meet! - Curti2594

Okay, she is the best female TopTenner and she's one of the best TopTenners overall. I love her so much!

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2 PositronWildhawk

Positron is one of the best persons you can follow after Britgirl. He's very friendly, and is intelligent too! You must follow him and Sister (Britgirl) if you're a new beginner member to this site. - Kiteretsunu

My oldest TopTen friend. He was the first person I followed. In fact, he had to tell me how to do it!
Kormo, every Top Tenner deserves at least one follower. Thank you for including me, you're too nice =) - Britgirl

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3 keyson
4 Kiteretsunu

Would definitely suggesting that all of you to follow him, funny and kind guy with hilarious and thoughtful lists - SuperHyperman

5 kormo
6 matrixguy
7 Evilangel

Thank you for adding me to this list, but there are much better members than me - EvilAngel

8 lussy
9 Admin

I follow them, but they only follow back few users. Are they admin's favorite users? - zxm

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10 PetSounds

One of the smartest users on here that's for sure.

The Contenders

11 Puga
12 MissBritain
13 Alexandr
14 visitor

I'm the only one following visitor! - happyhappyjoyjoy

15 Curti2594
16 subhashsahu
17 funnyuser
18 JandS3000
19 nintendofan126
20 toy
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