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1 The Danteem Religion of Luigism

You're welcome guys. - Therandom

2 Never Put Justin Bieber Anywhere Below the Top Spot of Worst People Ever

Because he is the worst guy ever! Worse than Hitler! (sarcasm) - Neonco31

6IX9INE is worse. - I80

3 PositronWildhawk
4 Deci-Annual htoutlaws2012 Profile Image Switcheroos
5 I Hav Good Gramer

Me can spell good have an A in Spelling class. But I grammar be garbage. - I80

I have good spilling - Neonco31

Me got mor guder gramer. - Skullkid755

6 Britgirl's Fart Joke Obsession
7 Do You Even Stat-Pad, Bro?
8 Puga Is Literally Leafy Is Here

I mean he is basically Leafy of TTT. He makes a lot of satirical jokes but ends up getting so much crap thrown at. - Not_A_Weeaboo

9 TwilightKitsune is our Lord and Savior

Because she's very kind, she's like an angel, she guides us. Lol - Neonco31

I usually start off my posts saying stuff like 'Hello dumbasses, today your Lord and Savior TwilightKitsune will teach you...' and it's a thing now lol - TwilightKitsune

10 VideoGameFan5 Cannot Decide His Own Opinions on Things

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11 Disney1994 is Livid and Mad about Liv And Maddie
12 Disney1994 for President: Make TheTopTens Great Again

He will make it even worse than how 90% of gen 18 users made it. - DarkBoi-X

Virtual wall - FallenBlaze

No, he'll make it worse:

By suspending all of us for not liking Prick and Jerkie! - Neonco31

13 Modern Spongebob Sucks, but Modern Anime Rules

Aw, what can I say? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

TRU. - EspioTheChameleon

14 Brace Yourself The Metal World Order have Arrived

It deserved 2 go away - Nonpointed

15 That one guy that constantly talks about The Lion King and Kingdom Hearts as if they are the worst things ever created by mankind

It is true that they're the worst.

Should be at #1 - FormulaOneHero


16 Xandermartin98's Brain Fetish
17 Capitalizing Every Single Word Of Sentences


18 IkeRevievs: He's Gligar Vids' Best Friend, You Know; All Of The Others Will Tell You So


19 Everything is Overrated

Hypocrisy at it's finest, lol - Neonco31

Everything is overrated, meaning nothing is overrated.

Interesting thought, huh? - DCfnaf

20 Attack on Trump
21 CastlevaniaFanboy128 Really, Really Loves Using Exclamation Points!
22 Even a Squashed-Up Bug on The Kitchen Floor is Better Than Arthur
23 DCfnaf X Wario OTP

So...someone submitted this.

Alrighty then. - DCfnaf

24 Best Item of The Best List, Worst Item of The Worst List
25 Danteem's Waifu Sunny Leone
26 FROZEN: Worst Movie of All Time
27 Mario Kart 8 Sucks Because Pink Gold Peach is In It
28 SkullKid Hates Stat Padders
29 CastlevaniaFanboy128: He Died For Our Petulant Sins
30 Metalhead Users

Hey... I don’t defend metal with my life like some users... - KingSlayer93316

31 I Hate Everything: The Search for The Worst Youtube Channels

Snail (TheTopTens hater) Alert! - I80

32 Top 10 All-Time Worst Quotes in TheTopTens History
33 #Vote Anaconda Plz
34 Whole Site is Autistic Babies


35 At Least Starving Children in Africa Don't Have to Get Made Fun Of for Liking Liv And Maddie
36 I Want The World to Have Never Existed So That Nothing can Ever be Hated

World (rest in) peace! - 0w0uwu

37 ChatNoirFan18 Thinks He's a Miraculous Ladybug

Correction: SHE - xandermartin98

38 Rainbow Dash Is Evil

No joke she is. Lol - Neonco31

39 Submarine Man
40 Undertale Lists
41 Undertale Haters
42 Puga Rants
43 ChatNoirFan18, also known as DannyPhantomHater18
44 Luigi Killed Samus Aran in August 12 of 2014, and It Was The Best Day of Danteem's Life
45 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Christians
46 Users that Seemingly Love Their Materialistic Obsessions Even More Than their Own Parents
47 Fandom Lists
48 The Exploit King
49 Britboy and Britgirl, Sitting On a Clock Tower, F-A-R-T-I-N-G
50 "LOL So Random" Lists
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