Top Ten TheTopTens Parodies of TV Shows That Need to Be Made

We've been watching T.V. for decades, and millions of us turn to the T.V. every day. I personally think it'd be cool if we saw one of these parodies be created, and aired. Maybe not on national T.V. because it could be some low-budget show to start off, but SOMEWHERE would be cool...

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1 The TopTenner Theory

This would be a parody of The Big Bang Theory, where PositronWildhawk, Keyson, Kiteretsunu, and PetSounds act as the main BBT characters, and we could watch Britgirl (Penny) develop her relationship with Keyson (Leanord). We could also see PetSounds (Howard) and his relationship with his mother... until something happens (I won't spoil). - Turkeyasylum

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2 Impractical TopTenners

Please, someone NEEDS to have this happen! It would be so hilarious! - SubliminalMessages

This would be a knock-off of Impractical Jokers where CerealGuy, SuperHyperdude, Turkeyasylum, and MatrixGuy act as the 4 jokers who embarrass each other to no extent in London. We could watch and get a laugh out of the things us TopTenners would come up with to do! - Turkeyasylum

I just saw this and realized I did it...season 1 is me, GreyRose, ProPanda, and htoutlaws2012. I can't believe people wanted to have my series real - lovefrombadlands

3 Minaj Roast

Us TopTenners make fun of Nicki Minaj in each episode, and we do other things, too, of course. For example, Britgirl makes a game show where you have to drink as mich watermelon juice as you can. I've never seen Bieber Roast, so I just made this all up... - Turkeyasylum

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4 Robot Turkey

I would only see this to laugh at how dreadful it would be. It would be the dumbest, low-budget, and terrible (both ways) knock-off of Robot Ckicken (AKA BDFN's favorite show ever...). The show would end after three episodes, and everyone would be relieved... - Turkeyasylum

I hope you were sarcastic when you said it was my "favorite" show... - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

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5 Big TopTenner

A parody of Big Brother where 16 TopTenners get stuffed in the Big Brother house in a twisted game show. We would get to see ZingBot zing all the TopTenners with hilarious insults. Maybe we could see some action between... never mind, I don't wanna gross all you out. - Turkeyasylum

I made this in post form. Not sure anyone actually liked that series... - gemcloben

6 The Amazing World Of TheTopTens
7 I'm A TopTenner, Get Me Out Of Here!

If you've read Puga's blog series about this, you're in luck. Otherwise, it would be a show about 20 TopTenners sent to a desolant place. They would compete in challenges which would be scary or gross. People would leave as the show would go on. - Turkeyasylum

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8 As Told by Fandomstuck
9 Total TheTopTens Island

A parody of Total Drama (also has a series on it). It would feature TopTenners and their stereotypes (example: PositronWildhawk and science). The TopTenners would compete in challenges, and once they lose, they would vote someone off to leave. - Turkeyasylum

I would watch it.

10 We Bare TopTens

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11 TheTopTens Nine-Nine

This would be a TheTopTens parody of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. PositronWildhawk would be one of the characters as he likes the original show. Other characters would include Britgirl, Keyson, SuperHyperdude, and Keycha1n. - Turkeyasylum

12 Attack on TheTopTens
13 My Life as a Teenage TheTopTenner


14 2 Broke TopTenners

Trust me, this one would be cancelled as quickly as Robot Turkey. Britgirl and Keycha1n would work at a diner, and constantly crush on people who would walk into the diner. Then, you would have stupid joke after stupid joke. This would be a perfet way to torture Pos. - Turkeyasylum

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15 Top Tens SquarePants
16 TheTopTens House
17 Poké TopTens

Season 1: Unovian Adventures:
This is about a group of 3 kids (Letdot52, FrostbitetheShivertooth, and myself) who go through the Unova region. - RiverClanRocks

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18 TheTopTens Falls
19 TopTenner Moms
20 Regular TheTopTens Show
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1. As Told by Fandomstuck
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1. The TopTenner Theory
2. Impractical TopTenners
3. Minaj Roast



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