Top Ten TheTopTens Related Things to Write for Your Biodata


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1 I follow Britgirl and PositronWildhawk.

I believe they will become celebrities someday. And then when TheTopTens will get it's Wikipedia article, the name Britgirl and PositronWildhawk will be highlighted in bold letters (of course along with MatrixGuy, Alexandr and many deserving ones). - Kiteretsunu

"You do?! " The interviewer asked, awed.
"Yes," I replied modestly.
"Then you get the job!"

I really agree, Kiteret! They'll soon find their way into Wpedia...

And if the interviewer saw who you were, Posron, they'd not only give you a place in the company, they'll make you the boss of it! - HezarioSeth

I wonder how s/he would react if they knew who I was... - PositronWildhawk

2 I make penguin lists.
3 My ambition is to become Admin and hack HezarioSeth's account.
4 I have 1,375 comments.

I have 5,449 comments!

5 I have 572 followers, and I follow no one.

Or is it the other way round, you pathetic snob? - HezarioSeth

I have 172 followers and I follow 839 people!

6 I made a blog post yesterday.

I didn't because my post takes me... a certain amount of years.

7 I have 4 likes on one of my comments.

"Get the heck out of this room." They roared. - HezarioSeth

I have 19 likes on one of my comments!

8 My account hasn't been hacked yet.
9 I'm the author of 'Top Ten Practical Ways To Kill Your Boss'.

"Ah. I see. You have five seconds to leave this room." - HezarioSeth

That's a way to get fired.

10 I make an average of 0.5 lists a day.

Did you mean 5? Because after Ajkloth you make the most lists in a day - yatharthb

I make 0!

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