Top 10 TheTopTens Stats as of Our 100,000th List

What started out as a goofy little "you know what would be fun to do" side project has grown into something we never planned on. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly TheTopTens started gaining momentum, but had no idea that almost 11 years later the site would receive more visitors per day than it did in the entire first year it was online.

We've passed a number of notable milestones already such as our first million votes and our ten thousandth member. For this one, we're going to get in on the act and be the ones to post this, the one-hundred thousandth approved list on TheTopTens.

Below are ten of our most impressive stats, none of which we could have dreamed of touting were it not for all the TopTenners out there who have made TheTopTens what it is today. Thank you all. We look forward to seeing what this community can achieve in the future.

The Top Ten

1 100,000 Top Ten Lists

Indeed, most important and most impressive number of TheTopTens, contributed mostly by the Top 10 Members with most lists with 17098 lists to date (17% of the 100,000 list) and the Top 100 Members with most lists with 42373 lists to date (42,3% of the 100,000 list). - MatrixGuy

This is the biggest accomplishment of TheTopTens. Never thought we would make it this far - Jonerman

Let's see if we can make it to 1,000,000 Top Ten List. - Arcxia

My personal favorite list is top ten reasons why adventure time is better than ebola

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2 4.9 Million Comments

Wow... Interesting facts. Nice list. - cosmo

Can it hit 5 Million? - AlphaQ

3 2.2 Million List Items

Do you know the stats for unique list ite ms? o r is that what this is? - RecklessGreed

4 148,000 Accounts

That's a lot of accounts, and unfortunately, only like 7% of that is active - Mcgillacuddy

SO many people who have come for fun, for information, or to be a part of something... - AnonymousChick

Well then... - QuarterGuysApprentice

But not much of that is active... - micahisthebest

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5 26 Million Counted Votes

Biggest number in the stats... 26,000,000... no comment - MatrixGuy

6 234,000 Remixes
7 97,000 Comment Replies
8 182,000 Personal Message Threads
9 12,000 Posts
10 65,000 Post Comments

The Contenders

11 This year the site receives more visitors per day than it did in the entire first year it was online.
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11 listings
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1. 100,000 Top Ten Lists
2. 148,000 Accounts
3. 4.9 Million Comments
1. 148,000 Accounts
2. 26 Million Counted Votes
3. 4.9 Million Comments
1. 100,000 Top Ten Lists
2. 148,000 Accounts
3. 4.9 Million Comments

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The 100,000th List Milestone!

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