The 100,000th List Milestone!

A feat achieved!
There it is lads! One the biggest milestones in T.T.T. history! The 100,000th list was finally published. I don't know it's title but It was a great feat anyone could achieve. Everyone on TheTopTens did a lot of hard work to keep this website up. Ever since it's founding in 2005, TheTopTens had a wide variety of lists with a large array of different categories. It's hard work which kept this website to it's full potential.
I have been here for only 2 months (4 if you count June 26) but it was a spectacular sight that anyone else can see. I enjoyed commenting on, making, and remixing lists, as well as making posts on them. Lists with over 100 items like the "Best Songs of All Time" list, lists with over 100,000 votes like "Musical Artists you'd like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies" and lists with tons of comments and remixes like the "Greatest People of All Time List".

Imagine if ALL of the members of TheTopTens (including those who retired) doing a big work-out, the 100,000th list milestone would have been achieved much faster than expected. The 100,000th list milestone would have reached about 6 months earlier or even earlier than a year. The fact that duplicate lists and bad lists like the list "Best Justin Bieber Songs" would still be counted in.

Back in 2005, most of the users make HQ lists, contributed a lot and good quality posts but today, many users just cared about their community reputation. Despite those negative qualities, the users still managed to help us reach the 100,000th milestone. Without them, TheTopTens would never be a successful site in the first place.

A milestone tribute.
We hold this day Oct. 23, 2016 as well as the month itself as the most notable event in T.T.T history, the day in which the 100,000th list was made. We hold this special tribute to all the members of TheTopTens, including those who retired like Heather, VelitelCabal, and many others, and unfortunately those who died like DisneyAnime1234 and those who disappeared from TheTopTens like 05yusuf09, MinecraftCrazy530, and RiverClanRocks (who was banned by her parents). We honor all the people who helped us to keep this website to it's full potential and those who contributed greatly to the website. We will remember this day as the greatest feat in T.T.T history as well the greatest milestone anyone has achieved on TheTopTens.

-This is Neonco31, holding the tribute post, signing off.


Lol, I noticed that when I got on yesterday evening. Cool. - visitor

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! This list got HQ-Award! I'm dying right now! - Neonco31

Lol. I was wondering the same thing. Lol. - visitor

An important milestone! - visitor

Yeah,. - 0744rose

Yay. So what happens now? - ParasN2000

I die - Neonco31

There is no going back now. The top tens will continue to grow. - visitor

"The best day in TheTopTens history" - micahisthebest

What's an HQ list? I have one and I have no idea what it is, but I have the HQ list achievement - visitor

Edit:I figured it out now! - visitor