I Had Enough Of This Retiring Stuff

So, after this blog, you may say that I made a list about myself *cough, cough, DapperPickle* No, I'm not being mean to anyone. And that list was published because I was going through hard times. So, I hear a lot of people are retiring. It may be because they're tired of this site, but the real reason that I think is that is a desperate ploy for getting attention. To be honest, I used to be desperate for attention on this site but I changed. So users like Mumbizz01 are planning to retire and SevenLizards just recently retired. First of all, before you came to this site, you should've decided if you was going to retire later or not. You should've made up your mind. I didn't really made u my mind when I came to this site and I tried retiring a lot but I decided when I was going to retire. Second of all, if you're going to retire, at least decide if you really going to leave us and go back to the outside world. Ever since LeoTheCat has retired, you guys are deciding to be all emotional and retire too. Third of all, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU LEAVE US?!?!! THINK AGAIN BEFORE TRYING TO RETIRE!??!?! Here's some questions before retiring.

1. Are you really ready to retire?
2. Are you going to leave so that we could feel pity for you?
3. Will you miss us?
4. Will you think about our feelings before you leave?

And by the way, some of you guys are planning to retire are in Mario Kart 8. If you're retiring, then I have to kick you out of the cast. So that's it guys.


Good point JaysTop10List. - cosmo

*claps* Agreed. If only SevenLizards could have seen this post... - RiverClanRocks

I just did - visitor

Nice point. - Therandom

Also, your not a bad user. - Therandom

I know right? It's crazy how many users want to leave. I know I'm not certainly leaving. - Pony

Huh. You have a point there. - nintendofan126

I made a super long post comment on Mumbizz01's retirement post. One thing I forgot to say is that leaving the site permanently makes you a quitter in some sense. And it's best to thrive on. - NuMetalManiak

I don't think I'd ever completely retire. Maybe be inactive, but never just leave forever unless this site or my access to it is made impossible. That being said, I don't blame some people for seeking attention if they're feeling lonely and need some love. It's that it isn't a very respectful or dignifying way. Stirring up drama is not attractive at all. - keycha1n

I might be inactive for a week or two, but I probably won't leave forever. At least SubliminalMessages came back. - Turkeyasylum

I agree, you're stuck with me for a while. - IronSabbathPriest

I will retire when ever I feel like it not because one of my friends are retiring but when I am ready - BigBrotherSucks

Agreed with everything you wrote - EpicJake

I hate when some people pretend to retire so everyone makes a fuss about them. - ToptenPizza

If you're not retiring, please don't pretend you are! It'll make you look like a whore! - SubliminalMessages

SevenLizards already retired!? - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

Yep. - Therandom

And I miss him! - visitor

I agree - mew28221

I'm new here. - DiamondsMC

Welcome To TheTopTens! - RockStarr

Good luck - jmepa1234