Top TheTopTens Users That Are the King or Queen Of Something


The Top Ten

1 King or Queen of TheTopTens - Admin

Well, duh! lol - Misfire

2 King of Remixes - Alexandr

No, Alexandr's the king of lists, htoutlaws2012 is the king of remixes - 445956

3 King of Comments - PostironWildhawk
4 King of Total Drama - simpsondude
5 Queen of Funniness - Britgirl
6 Queen Of Horror Lists - heather
7 King of SpongeBob - Garythesnail

Thanks for the mention, but that isn't the only thing I like. - Garythesnail

8 King of Blogs - Puga
9 King of Insults - SuperHyperdude
10 King of Friendship - Chaotixhero

The Contenders

11 King of List Making - Metal_Treasure

In my mind, he is currently (8/2018) the best list maker on the site. - THC13

12 King of Basketball - 2storm

Basketball is way better than crappy football. - 05yusuf09

13 Queen of Vigilance - Nonpointed

UPVOTE THIS - Nonpointed

14 King of Gaming - nintendofan126

Thanks to whoever added this. But I prefer the title, "King of Nintendo! " - nintendofan126

15 King of Nothing - RalphBob

Where’s your crown, king nothing? - NightmareCinema

For some reason I wanted to add myself, but I couldn't think of a good thing to put, so I put this. - RalphBob

16 King of Irony - Comparisons
17 King of Popular Lists - biscuits
18 King of Music Lists - Petsounds
19 King of Religions - afex
20 King of Disappear - LoboMaloso
21 King of Awesomeness - DK
22 King of Metal - Metal_Treasure
23 King of Metal - ryanrimmel
24 King of Boredom - CaptainMowzker
25 King of Remixes - htoutlaws2012

Alexandr is a good user, but Htoutlaws is the true remix king! - Userguy44

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1. King or Queen of TheTopTens - Admin
2. King of Comments - PostironWildhawk
3. King of List Making - Metal_Treasure
1. King or Queen of TheTopTens - Admin
2. King of Remixes - htoutlaws2012
3. King of List Making - Metal_Treasure
1. King of Remixes - Alexandr
2. King of Total Drama - simpsondude
3. Queen of Funniness - Britgirl

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