Top Ten Best TheTopTens Users of July 2015


The Top Ten

1 EpicJake
2 Therandom

We should stop these lists though... - Therandom

I'm surprised I'm this high. - Therandom

3 BKAllmighty
4 LizardKing99

When she joined, my jaw dropped at the fact there is an actual new user who is... Good!? - gemcloben

She is one of my favorite users ever because of her lists, posts, and personality. I hope you can see this, Maddy, because I mean it! - Garythesnail

Lol you've basically become my campaign manager. Thank you Mikey! - LizardKing99

She's really starting to be a great user! And she has good lists! - cosmo

Already off to a fantastic start! - PositronWildhawk

5 nintendofan126

My first and best friends on triple t - EpicJake

6 CerealGuy

throws flowers
Josip Bros Tito Ehmahgerd must see again - CerealGuy

7 cosmo

Okay, I think we need to wait till the end of the month? Anyway, I think Cosmo's a good user but she's not the best on the site. - Garythesnail

It's JULY FIRST. Please make the list in the middle/end of the month next time. - Turkeyasylum

Ok, now this is going too far. Making lists at the start of the month? Next time, wait till the end of the month. Still, Cosmo is a great user. - EpicJake

Dear people who make the "Best user of the month" lists,
Sincernely, the world. - Puga

8 speed
9 CastlevaniaFanboy128
10 Quart

Oh, Thanks so much for putting me here - Quart

The Contenders

11 Turkeyasylum

He is just legend in this site. - 05yusuf09

Stunning posts and a great friend to message. - Garythesnail

12 DontMessWithDaddylonglegs
13 Ananya

Thanks for adding me - Ananya

14 Ralphbob
15 htoutlaws2012

Yet another list made too early (just at the start of the month) -_- - Kiteretsunu

16 Danteem
17 Puga
18 ParasN2000
19 LeafyandSuitcaseFan2001

I had a conversation with him, and he seems like a really cool guy. Hope to get to know you more, Noah! - Turkeyasylum

This is me on my new account! Follow me - FanOfTheOilers

20 Chaotixhero
21 Connor360
22 EvilAngel
23 DK
24 Minecraftcrazy530
25 05yusuf09
26 westofohio
27 2storm
28 TheKirbyCreeper999
29 velitelcabal
30 Pony

Thank you to whoever added me! - Pony

31 keycha1n

She's very nice and inspirational - Quart

32 purpleyoshi98

He left because he can't message anyone, - AnonymousChick

33 TeenTitansGoSucks
34 Delgia2k
35 FettiMC

Holy Crap Whoever Added Me Here You Get A Million Thank Yous From Me - FettiMC

36 RustyNail
37 PositronWildhawk
38 bobbythebrony
39 gemcloben

Haha lowest I have ever been! - gemcloben

40 SventheCrusader
41 admin
42 PetSounds
43 BlueDiamondFromNowhere
44 AnonymousChick

! Someone added me? *glittery anime eyes* Thank you! - AnonymousChick

45 NuMetalManiak
46 anthonybecerra831
47 kosdff
48 Matt92647
49 Andre56

I'm Way Better Than This User - TheKirbyCreeper999

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