Top Ten Best TheTopTens Users of July 2015

The Top Ten Best TheTopTens Users of July 2015

1 EpicJake
2 Therandom

We should stop these lists though...

I'm surprised I'm this high.

3 BKAllmighty
4 LizardKing99

When she joined, my jaw dropped at the fact there is an actual new user who is... Good!?

She is one of my favorite users ever because of her lists, posts, and personality. I hope you can see this, Maddy, because I mean it!

Lol you've basically become my campaign manager. Thank you Mikey!

She's really starting to be a great user! And she has good lists!

Already off to a fantastic start!

5 nintendofan126

My first and best friends on triple t

6 CerealGuy

throws flowers
Josip Bros Tito Ehmahgerd must see again

7 cosmo

Okay, I think we need to wait till the end of the month? Anyway, I think Cosmo's a good user but she's not the best on the site.

It's JULY FIRST. Please make the list in the middle/end of the month next time.

Ok, now this is going too far. Making lists at the start of the month? Next time, wait till the end of the month. Still, Cosmo is a great user.

Dear people who make the "Best user of the month" lists,
Sincernely, the world.

8 speed
9 CastlevaniaFanboy128
10 Quart

Oh, Thanks so much for putting me here

The Contenders

11 Turkeyasylum

He is just legend in this site.

Stunning posts and a great friend to message.

12 DontMessWithDaddylonglegs
13 Ananya

Thanks for adding me

14 Ralphbob
15 htoutlaws2012

Yet another list made too early (just at the start of the month) -_-

16 Danteem
17 Puga
18 ParasN2000
19 LeafyandSuitcaseFan2001

I had a conversation with him, and he seems like a really cool guy. Hope to get to know you more, Noah!

This is me on my new account! Follow me

20 Chaotixhero
21 Connor360
22 EvilAngel
23 DK
24 Minecraftcrazy530
25 05yusuf09
26 westofohio
27 2storm
28 TheKirbyCreeper999
29 velitelcabal
30 Pony

Thank you to whoever added me!

31 keycha1n

She's very nice and inspirational

32 purpleyoshi98

He left because he can't message anyone,

33 TeenTitansGoSucks
34 Delgia2k
35 FettiMC

Holy Crap Whoever Added Me Here You Get A Million Thank Yous From Me

36 RustyNail
37 PositronWildhawk
38 bobbythebrony
39 gemcloben

Haha lowest I have ever been!

40 SventheCrusader
41 admin
42 PetSounds
43 BlueDiamondFromNowhere
44 AnonymousChick

! Someone added me? *glittery anime eyes* Thank you!

45 NuMetalManiak
46 anthonybecerra831
47 kosdff
48 Matt92647
49 Andre56

I'm Way Better Than This User

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