TheTopTens Users That Like Invader Zim


The Top Ten

1 CartoonsGirl

It's her favorite show. So acourse she's number one. - nintendofan126

2 ShuhBanggg

He said he used to watch this show when he was little. So I decided to make him 2nd - nintendofan126

3 Garythesnail
4 Pony

Him and PinkFloyd87 are the same users. - nintendofan126

5 cosmo
6 Fasterthansonic
7 TristGamer

Invader Zim is better than, Barnyard, Teen Titans Go, and way many more. - TristGamer

Trist,the sentence you said is an obvious fact in my mind. Also I LOVE INVADER ZIM! #INVADERZIMISLOVEINVADERZIMISLIFE. Sing the doom song-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

8 Nintendofqn126

I decided to put my self at the bottom. - nintendofan126

9 PeeledBanana
10 PinkFloyd87

Him and pony are the same users. - nintendofan126

The Contenders

11 Gangem

Classic Nicktoon - Gangem

12 EpicJake

It is so true. - EpicJake

13 Ganecubesarecool1003

what BOOM - Gamecubesarecool193

14 BoyGenius234
15 RalphBob

I like Invader Zim. - RalphBob

16 Soapy Waffles

Love this username!

17 eventer51314

Should be a lot higher. She loves invader zim so much

*Gir voice* It's my favorite show!

18 TemmieHoi
19 PeachyBlast
20 kempokid
21 Pj1214
22 RockStarr
23 Discord1

I remember liking this show. - Discord1

24 Seventies-Music-Fan
25 TailchaserFan10

I really like Invader Zim. It is amazing and I want it back on the air - TailchaserFan10

26 EddwardH
27 jack2244
28 ChampionColette

Invader zim is awesome! :D

29 JPK
30 Jay12
31 Granton8ter05
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1. PeeledBanana
2. Gangem
3. EpicJake
1. Cartoonsgirl
2. ShuhBanggg
3. Garythesnail
1. Cartoonsgirl
2. Garythesnail
3. Pony


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