TheTopTens Users Most Likely to Reach 1000 Lists

Who will be the first to reach this great number of lists?
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The Top Ten

1 booklover1

A great achievement (almost 600 lists to date) for his age - MatrixGuy

2 MatrixGuy

I actually reached the first 1000th list. I am looking for my next 1000 list :), Thanks TheTopTens, I am glad to be your user, I hope to see you at my 2000th list - MatrixGuy

He is dominating right now. He gets like, what, 20 lists a day? - booklover1

3 anthonybecerra831
4 Alexandr
5 decorulez97
6 roblist
7 munkee_linc97
8 Celestius
9 westofohio
10 Magnolia

The Contenders

11 Alpha101

I only have like 30 lists now but I do a few everyday and I only started like a month ago so that's oretty impressive guz! - Alpha101

12 mneilan
13 kormo