TheTopTens Users That Should Get Awards

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1 PositronWildhawk

He has good lists, comments and also a good friend. He deserves an award.

Best male user (i think he's male tell me if I'm wrong)

2 Britgirl

She is my favorite female user on this site. She has good comments and lists.

I'd love to be the lucky bloke to present Britgirl with her award.

She is the best female user

3 nintendofan126

He is a good friend. He has good lists. He deserves an award.

Yeah and he likes Kirby, has swag etc.

I change my mind. From now on, he should get an award

Dude, he deserves garbage. He's the worst top ten user ever!

4 Funnyuser
5 Admin

He approves all our lists and comments, give him some credit.

Isn't the Admin supposed to be first here?

Without him we wouldn't be on here.

6 Epicjake

You made this list EpicJake, you deserve an award!

Seems you r so kind, so you deserve an award!

I'm in the top ten now WOO HOO THANK YOU ALL!

7 Alexandr

I want this guy voted up

I think he must be in the top 3

Most lists

8 Toptenjackson

I just saw his lists & they're pretty intersting

He has a good list of T.V. shows. I'm an T.V. show list maker too.

9 Matrixguy
10 CartoonsGirl

Shes a really nice user. We need to vote her up!

The Contenders
11 Pug

He deserves the reward "Best dog on TheTopTens".

He goes by Puga now since his account got deleted.

Thanks whoever added me!

I love it because it's a Pug

12 Bradenc123

He is a good friend. He should get an award named best Minecraft list maker.

13 Turkeyasylum

Or with the best user with the best lists.

Thanks to who put me in this awesome list!

14 Evilangel
15 Zezerex
16 Garythesnail

Yay I'm on here!

17 Connor360

Thanks guys, you're the best.

18 Mystosirit
19 Simpsonsdude
20 htoutlaws2012

Htoutlaws2012 is the remix king. He definitely deserves an award for that. I love him! And I always like it when he remixes lists I like!

21 velitelcabal
22 Victinimon
23 MostTalented_BoyX
24 Jake09
25 Patrickstar
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