Top 10 TheTopTens Users vs Comic Book Character Matchups


The Top Ten

1 Britgirl vs Batgirl

Winner: BatGirl By Punching Britgirl Having Her Name By BatGirl - a + ri = Britgirl - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

2 DK vs Superman

Winner: Superman By Freezing DK's Computer Into A Block Of Ice - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

3 Kormo vs Batman

Winner: Kormo For Posting List Allover Batman - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

4 Mxyzptlk vs Toy


5 Turtwig (TheTopTens) vs Turtwig (Pokemon)

Winner: Turtwig (The Top Tens) By Catching Turtwig With A Pokemon - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

6 Positronwildhawk vs Spiderman
7 Megamanzerostrider vs Green Lantern

Winner: Tie The Comments & The Power Ring Where So Powerful It Cause An Explosion - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

8 Pokemonvskirby vs the Flash

Winner: The Flash By Knocking Him Out In 2 Punches - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

9 Kiteretsunu vs Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi wins by miles. Kiteretsunu tastes dirt. - Kiteretsunu

10 Zero37000 vs Wolverine

Winner: Wolverine By Slicing The Computer Screen - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

The Contenders

11 Fasterthansonic vs Shadow the Hedgehog (Archie)
12 Flarvaporjolespumbrglacleafeon vs Two Face

Winner: Two Face For Flipping A Coin On Him - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

13 Ethanmeinster vs Starlord (Guardians of the Galaxy)

WInner: Starlord by hitting Ethanmeinster with a power orb. Also, Groot punched Ethanmeinster 9482 times. - ethanmeinster

14 S646463 vs the Joker

Winner: S646463 By Ace Makes The Joker Go Insane - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

15 Twilightkitsune vs. Avatar Korra

Me against Korra? Okay... - TwilightKitsune

16 Drdevil vs Chris-Chan Sonichu
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1. DK vs Superman
2. Positronwildhawk vs Spiderman
3. Britgirl vs Batgirl
1. Britgirl vs Batgirl
2. Turtwig (TheTopTens) vs Turtwig (Pokemon)
3. Kormo vs Batman
1. Britgirl vs Batgirl
2. Mxyzptlk vs Toy
3. Turtwig (TheTopTens) vs Turtwig (Pokemon)


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