Top 10 TheTopTens Users Who Support the Policy

The Policy has finally been getting the support it needs lately and many users now agree with it.

The Top Ten

1 Admin

The user who implemented the policy in the first place obviously deserves the top spot. - Martinglez

2 velitelcabal

He is the main reason people now support the policy. He spent one year gathering information about it and his list and his posts really show how informed he is. It's because of him that I went from neutral on the policy to policy supporter. - Martinglez

3 WonkeyDude98
4 BKAllmighty
5 SwagFlicks
6 ProPanda

Thanks for adding me dude!
Also, it's really funny how many people on this list have the same profile pic.

7 Finch
8 Elina
9 kontrahinsunu
10 Martinglez

The Contenders

11 Alapisboy
12 darthvadern
13 Rainbowkid38
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