My History on This Site (And How My Account Will No Longer Exist on January 20)

Hey guys, this is Redrocm here (formally known as SYLFan1234, Aragorn98 and SauronTheDestroyer) and happy 2019 to you all. I have something very important to share to you all (it may not sound that important to some of you but whatever). I will be deleting my account on the 20th of January.

Now before any of you question what I'm doing, just hear me out. This is not to seek any attention. This is not to tick anyone off. This is not for any stupid reasons whatsoever.

The biggest reason I'm mainly deleting my TTT account is because I just want to make sure nobody hacks into it and has access to my address. None of my parents know that I have a TTT account and if they did then they would absolutely kill me if they found out I was talking to online strangers. And I'm seriously worried about my account getting hacked into which they'd find out about it and ground me for life. So that's why I'm getting rid of it before something like that even happens. The purpose of this post is to give everyone on here a heads-up of what I'm gonna do to my account (that and I kinda want it to be a little more meaningful with my account deletion this time if you know what I mean).

But before I do, I just wanna state the things I regret the most on this site (and how I don't encourage any future users to act on them either). I'm bring them up because they were things I did and like I said, I don't want anyone else to do them either. Also none of them are in particular order:

·My list of Things People Should Stop Complaining About.

I don't necessarily think it's an awful list or anything but I do somewhat regret it because people have added more serious things like hate speech and the holocaust (those things are real and should be taken as seriously as possible).

But the less serious things people have added like Jake Paul and Fortnite, then I can understand why. Those things will be gone within a week or two. But there are still things out there that are to be taken more seriously so let's not treat them like they don't matter.

·My anti-meme list.

I'm not talking about my list of Reasons Why Memes Are Overrated, I mainly mean an anti-meme list I made that caused controversy and made me decide to delete my old account (I won't say what meme it was but let's say it has to deal with poking fun at autism).

Now please listen carefully. I can handle autism jokes okay (heck I would be even more offended if someone were to advocate violence and hatred towards autists instead of just joking about them). I just personally thought this one wasn't well thought-out. And the reason I made a list about it was I wanted to get out as much lists as I can because I thought about retiring again after that. I didn't really thought that much before posting it and it just turned out to be rushed and unnecessary. I honestly didn't think it was that sensitive though, because it actually takes a lot to trigger me mainly because of my crazy inagination. I get that there are some memes out there that try way too hard to be offensive and edgy but I now know when to not take them too seriously. So because of this I mainly wrote a post on my fourth account stating that I do regret it (and even if an apology wasn't deserved then whatever. I honestly couldn't care less about that because I have much more important things to focus on in my life instead of that. Just saying. And I'll also state this. Those who barely explained the problems with that list should at least apologize, but to those who did explain enough that was wrong with the list, I respect you for correcting me).

And another thing I wanna point out, I would be much more offended if someone were to advocate violence and hatred towards autistic people or other certain groups of people out there. Now that is even more messed up than just joking about them or making bad memes about them (I bring this up because I think it is important for people to hear, mainly for today's PC crowd).

·My rivalry with NuMetalManiak.

I don't necessarily think this was too serious of a rivarly but it's worth bringing up. Keep in mind that I don't try to get into rivalries or anything. But this happened so I'll have to explain it.

It's mainly where NMM stated in one of his posts where he saw my list of Ways to Be a Good American and said "To hell with that. I live how I want to." That sort of made me question him because I do in fact remember an old comment of his where he said that he agrees that the US is getting worse and that he hopes that the situation gets turned around. I should've thought that all he said was that he's free to live how he wants and that he doesn't encourage anything bad.

I was just a little concerned that's all because in my personal opinion, people should be free to live how they want as long as they're not causing trouble. About NMM, I'm mostly neutral on him (that does NOT mean I hate him, nor do I have anything against him or that I'm trying to harass him), but I have done wrong to a certain user then I deserve no sympathy whatsoever for my actions. That's all I'm gonna say.

·My third account.

My third account was mainly SauronTheDestroyer where I was mostly angsty. I just feel like I've had people bullying me online (especially one certain user on my old account who I won't mention, but will say that he kept harassing me on my list of Bands Everyone is Sick of Hearing About). I should've known this account of mine was a bad idea and didn't do any better.

Here's a bit of advice for anyone. Even after you have been through some tough stuff lately, just try to make sure you're still yourself. By that I mean don't be all angsty and edgy and try to correct your mistakes with intelligent and well-thought-out comments (advice that I mostly got from CrimsonShark. Check him out if you haven't).

·My old list of reasons why older adults shouldn not date 18-year-olds.

This was on my old account. I mainly made it because I was at a time where I first heard that an older person dating an 18-year-old is actually frowned upon by many people. But in my honest opinion it's just another one of society's double standards. They're legally adults so they should be free to date whoever they want as long as the older person is not harming them or taking advantage of them. I mainly agree with RogerWatersfan1999 on this because he does agree that 18-year-olds should be allowed to make their own decisions (no matter how bad they might be) and not be treated like kids so much (no matter how young they are).

·Me screwing with other people's Q&As.

I've discovered this site back in 2014 and didn't become a user until 2017. Back then TTT was a lot different than it is now, back where visitors could actually make their own lists, submit items to lists and even add comments to Q&As. That though I didn't handle too well with. Back in 2015 when I was still a visitor I mainly spammed TurkeyAsylum's Q&A with too many questions. Keep in mind that I wasn't trying to troll or anything (this was actually my very first time using a Q&A. I was young so I didn't know any better). And not just him, but NuMetalManiak, PositronWikdhawk and IronSabbathPriest.

·My four unnecessary Marilyn Manson posts.

Another bad thing I didn't on this site back in 2015 was that I made four unnecessary Marilyn Manson posts. This was when I was still mentally young at the time and going through a phase of liking Manson. Nowadays though, I'm just neutral on him.

That's pretty much all the things I regret.

And to be honest, they helped me learn better. We learn from mistakes so we can improve as people (but that's not to say we should strive to make mistakes though. Humanity isn't perfect but we shouldn't be encouraged to make mistakes). Speaking of learning, one of the biggest things I've learned over the years of using this site is that I honestly should've used it more for information rather than golfing off with it. Because isn't that the whole point of this site? This is mainly a Top 10s website and it has lists of all different kinds of topics so it would be important to make lists that would help educate people on particular things that they want/need to know about.

And speaking of information, I honestly feel like I should try to give more advice to upcoming users of this site just in case. I'll only list 5 though because I don't want this post getting too long or anything (so I encourage you all to find more advice tips on how to be a better user on here).

1-If you're going to criticize someone, do it in a nice manner.

This is more of an unpopular opinion and how many will find it cheesy, but I personally think it could work. I think that users should at least give constructive criticism and explain the faults of a particular list a user might submit (which is not to say that they don't, I just think I should bring it up just for any new users).

2-Respect everyone's opinion.

To me, disrespecting people's opinions is not morally right because by DNA level we're all different. So always respect another person's opinions and beliefs. But I will say this though. I only respect opinions and beliefs UNLESS they're either factually wrong (the earth is flat) or morally wrong (all Jews should burn). I do however respect opinions that can't be proven wrong such as liking a movie, show or game that others don't.

3-Always think before you act.

Especially on this site. Don't jump to conclusions or anything. Don't rush to get a list out (take your time). Don't get involved in everything. Always tell yourself "Think before you act."

4-Make sure you're educated in what you're making a list about.

If you have an idea for a list but don't know anything about the particular item, then don't make the list because it really isn't worth it when you make a list and don't know what you're talking about.

5-Do not make offensive and controversial lists.

I'm just saying that if you know something is gonna get you in trouble with the site, don't do it. I don't care if you're trying to be edgy and controversial. Don't do any of it. Doing edgy stuff doesn't make you a better user, it just makes you a jerk.

It would honestly be awesome if most of you would heed some of my bits of advice for future users. And not just users of this site, but for pretty much everyone. We don't know how long this site will continue to exist so it would be best if you could write down some of my pieces of advice just to help you out (only if you want to. You're free to do what you want).

Before I go forever, I just wanna thank some of the following users who have been with me the most.


I mainly wanna thank you guys for giving me so much love and support through the past two years I've been a user on here. I couldn't have done it without any of you and I wish you all the best of luck on not just this site, but in life as well.

This account will be no more on January 20. The reason why I picked such an arbitrary date is that I mainly want more time for people to comment on this post so that it will grow bigger. I mainly want it to get bigger because I feel like people should know some of my pieces of advice just in case. Another reason being that it would be much easier to find when people see it upon the list of Users Who Have Deleted Their Accounts (which I made on my SYLFan account by the way).

Goodbye forever everyone. It was fun while it lasted but all things must come to an end, and I'm off to do something much better with my life. To anyone who is still angry at me for what I've done, I understand. I can't control you or anything but I will say this. Just learn to forgive and forget because trust me when I say it's not really good to hold grudges. That's all I'm gonna say.

And one last thing I wanna say to all of you. Anyone right now (on this site or in real life) who is depressed or in a rut, don't ever think that you have it the worst because I guarantee you right niw that there is a person out there who has it way worse than you do. You are not alone. No matter what happens to you, it never lasts forever. Whatever happens to you, there will be someone who will be there for you, to comfort you when you're feeling down. I'm not gonna tell you that it's gonna happen right now or soon, but the best things in life happen when we least expect them (expectations lead to suffering). Please trust what me when I say this because no one should ever give up. No matter what.

And trust me when I say there are living breathing human beings out there who want to get to know you and help you out. You are seriously much more deserving of it then you can possibly know.


We'll miss you - Aurelia

You will be missed buddy. - visitor

Goodbye Redrocm, that is all I have to say, and you will be missed, I will tell you that, best of luck. - BreakFastBeast2005

Great Post, I'll miss you, but do what's best for you. - visitor

Nice knowing you. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Now this, is one of the best posts I have ever read, you even bring up some of the advices I will be stating in my upcoming biggest post yet so far. Also, you will be missed - darthvadern

It was great knowing you, and just to tell you, I got into an argument with a stranger on YouTube; I tried to be as nice as possible, but he was quite an ignorant person overall. - visitor

You have to do what you feel is right for you, but it's still sad to see yet another decent and good user leave. You will be missed, my friend. Wish you all the best. Keep smiling :). - Britgirl

You're still a good user with good intentions at the end of the day. Do what's best for you in the future, and make sure you secure a great and meaningful life ahead of you.

Also, Happy New Year buddy. - CrimsonShark

I will miss you, buddy! It's really sad when good users leave. But I respect your choice and wish you all the best! - Metal_Treasure

Well R.I.P mate - DarkBoi-X

That was a very nice thing to leave this on. And I can see why you feel you did some things wrong, but I never saw a bad quality in you. You were a great person to have around here, and I certainly wish you well. - PositronWildhawk

I can relate to some of what you stated. Happy New Year and we'll miss you. - visitor

You would have to be one of the most misunderstood users as you went from a sensitive crybaby to one of the most mature people I have seen yet people were still seeing you as that guy in his early 20's who still acts like an angsty 14-15 year old.R.I.P and have fun. - DarkBoi-X

@DarkBoi-X-To be honest, it actually takes a lot to make me sensitive, even before the whole incident mainly because my imagination is too crazy and I would usually think of things that are ten times worse. And that angst phase was mainly from my third account which is long gone now. - visitor

Oh ok then.Well you will forever be missed. - DarkBoi-X

I'll miss you. I really don't know what else to say. - Cyri

@Cyri-I'll miss you too. And I just hope people stop thinking we're the same guy. - visitor

Well, I certainly was alarmed to hear of this, and like so many others here, I will miss you. I'm a bit conflicted though, as I find your motivation to keep your parents from knowing of your participation on the site a strong one, I understand and empathize. Just keep in mind that your parents certainly have your best interests at the forefront, and how they feel, misguided or not, is an effort to protect you. Honoring your parents is wise... Still, its obvious you have many friends on this site that truly care about you, and so this must have been a bittersweet decision for you. All the comments already listed are good and I would echo them. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Stay happy my friend - visitor

Bye man. It really has been nice knowing you. - visitor

Goodbye Redrocm, you will be missed. I wish you the very best in life, my friend. - visitor

;-; You're leaving? Great.
Anyways, I bid you farewell... - PerfectImpulseX

@PerfectImpulseX-Just hope you don't mean great in a positive way, I mean at a time like this. - visitor

Bye, you definitely improved quite a lot over time - kempokid

I wish this site didn't have to lose such an amazing user :(
Goodbye Redrocm - visitor

So long, friend. - TheRedstoneWiz

Do what you think is right. Good luck in life. - 2storm

I will miss you, but I completely understand, and I am very proud of the improvement you’ve made as a user, but please don’t let your old self get the best of you. We all make mistakes, and you are forgiven by all of us. Happy New Year to you too! I hope you, as well as everyone else reading, has a great year! You were a great user Recrocm, and I want you to know that you will be missed here on TheTopTens, but we will happily respect your decision and wish you the best of luck. Goodbye. - 3DG20

If you have already made your decision, I'm really sorry (although I didn't know you on the site), but I just want to tell you that there is a site where I failed applying for rights (some moderating stuff) 3 times, than lost two such rights after getting them, and was called everything for testing the reviewing system among many other things, and I still have an account there and use it. - Alkadikce

Very unfortunate but understandable. Although we didn’t interact much I still respected you and how you were able to improve. You will be missed - Randomator

Sad to see you go I can understand your pain because my parents don't know I have an account either, and god knows what will happen if they find out. - XxembermasterxX

I don't have much to say, everyone here has already said anything I could've said and more, but I completely understand your reasoning for deleting your account and I hope the advice you give will remain and leave a mark to the new users who come to visit. Take care of yourself. - nerffan8000

Goodbye. - MrCoolC

Great post and good advice to the future users good luck to you in the future. - egnomac

Bye - Gangem

Goodbye my friend. You're a good one. - LightningStrike

Farewell... I guess. - htoutlaws2012

Oh no that's sad I will miss you so much 😥" - Lpsgirl

Ok, before you delete your account, hear my critical words out.

You were perfectly fine and potentially an inspirational user, especially for an autistic one. You became not only my favorite user of gen-18, but of all time. Ignoring the fact that you retired over "Bands you're sick of hearing about", I made some comments about "how amazing, mature, and unique of a toptenner Aragorn98 is." Then you decided to be "Semi-retired", make ONE bad list, and delete your account over it. Do you realize how much you've humiliated me? You were the 80% of proof in my vision that there are amazing and interesting people that are Autisitic, and you pull this **** off and blow it all. But oh no, of course it doesn't end there. Then you created that Sauronthedestroyer account, and then try to improve as Redrocm, whom I though could be improving. So I thought that maybe there they have their flaws, but Autistic people can be very aware, smart, and mature of things. But then you pull of this "Anti rustler" **** on everyone, along with that stupid *** Rivalry with NMM. And no, I knew exactly what happened. You were harassing NMM because he wouldn't do your requests for FFLA, just like he rejects some other people's requests. And finally, let me mention that this rivalry was around the time when darthvadern was fully anti-rustler, who's also autistic. So not only have you humiliated me twice when you were the majority of my proof about how good autistic people can be, but you've proved to me that people will never believe that there can be good people with autism. Now I feel very pressured that I'm the only above average user on thetoptens with autism, yet I personally feel that I could ruin my reputation very easily at the same time, probably even with this one comment, could ruin my reputation. Who knows what's next? Maybe they're will be more discrimination against autistic people, giving themselves a pass because of something like "Autism actually does affect people's mind and actions, not Race, religion, or Gender and such."

So yeah, I don't necessarily care if you waste your statistics on this site, but just remember this before you go. Peace out. - SpectralOwl

@SpectralOwl-I understand what you mean. The only reason I did come back after retiring from my Bands That Everyone is Sick of Hearing About was that I didn't think much of my old content was that good so what I did was I decided to semi-retire and make some new content. And that I just got extremely bored. Then I made one bad list and deleted my account over it. And then I made that third account which was a good idea (I mainly made it out of frustration but that was still a stupid move). Then I made a fourth one and tried to improve but failed. It was just some weird cycle that's been going on but it's mainly my fault.

It just goes to show that I'm human after all. I mean I actually thought I could make no mistakes but I was horribly wrong. About about NMM, I swear I had no intentions to actually harrass him, but if I did then I highly apologize and deserve no sympathy for it whatsoever. In fact, I deserve no sympathy for any of the actions I've done. I screwed up big time.

And don't get me wrong. I too am irritated by the fact that everyone constantly stereotypes autistic people as bad and harmful to society. That's something that really gets on my nerves most of the time so you're not the only one. I guess the matter of the fact is that no one is perfect. We're all human. But that doesn't mean we should strive to make mistakes. But whatever mistakes we make, there's some where we don't deserve any sympathy for it, and I promise you that I don't accept any sympathy for what I've done.

I really do apologize if I have humiliated you. I really didn't want to do that because you were one of my favorite users (you still are). But now I guess things are a mess. If you're still mad at me then I completely understand (like I said, I deserve no sympathy for my actions). But I just hope this will make you feel better. Just know that there are people like me out in the world. There are autistic people who aren't that disabled and can function on their own. There are some that are sympathetic. I can't guarantee that they're all perfect (because like I said, no one, not even autistics or non-autistics, are perfect) but trust me when I say they do exist. I know this might sound kinda silly but you just have to believe. Have faith in certain things. Believe me when I say that bad moments don't last forever.

And also, I respect you for correcting me. - visitor

So long, m8! Goodbye and we will miss you! :( - BorisRule

Hey man, at least you tried to fix that mistake and move on from it, even if the struggle was a bit hard to get through.
All I can say is, good luck - StarlightSpanks

Another TTT soul trapped in the gauntlet! - visitor

Farewell, my friend. I will deeply miss you so much. - Kevinsidis