Top Ten TheTopTens Users With Over 10,000 Comments

Just recently. egnomac became the 10th user on TheTopTens to make a total of ten thousand comments. Making comments on this site is pherhaps the easiest way to raise your member score, and pherhaps the easiest stat you can raise as well. It doesn't require much effort to make a comment as you just click on an item on a list and comment whatever you want to. As of July 5th, there are ten users who have made at least 10,000 comments so here's a list of top ten users that have made at least 10K comments. With that being said, here's the list.

The Top Ten

1 htoutlaws2012

Easily one of the greatest users of all time - Randomator

One of the best ever - SirSheep

Htoutlaws2012, the pherhaps most famous user of them all. Htoutlaws2012 is a Gen-13 member known for being king of stats (He is first in most comments (32,000), first in most remixes, first in most lists, first in biggest member score and first in most followers). He's pherhaps the longest surviving user so far as well. - darthvadern

2 Metal_Treasure

Metal_Treasure. A gen-15 user known for being a very active member and is still a surviving user despite having been here for more than five years. Personally in my opinion, has among the best lists on the site. Very unique and interesting lists. High-quality. He's also the user with the second most comments, at 32,000 comments like htoutlaws2012 as well. - darthvadern

3 darthvadern

Darthvadern, Darth, DVN, whatever name feels best for you, is me, a Gen-17 user known for mainly making lots, and lots of lists every week. I'm currently in 4th place in most comments with over 16,5K comments in total, being the third most recent user to have made over 10K comments. Don't be surprised when I have 20K comments. - darthvadern

4 PositronWildhawk

Here's a classic. PositronWildhawk. Ranked as the greatest user of all time, this Gen-14 member surely made a lot of content. He is high up on a lot of statpages, and on comments he's in 8th place with a little over 10K comments. - darthvadern

5 christangrant

A gen-17 is christiangrant. At over 29,000 comments this guy is in third place when it comes to most comments. He is sadly retired but he will always be remembered for a lot of things, like his high stats. - darthvadern

6 Userguy44

Userguy44, or Lars is the only Gen-18 user with over 10K comments so far, or for that matter, the only user after Gen-17 to have that many comments as well. Also the second most recent user to have earned that many comments. He's in fifth place with 15,000 comments. Unfortunately it's most likely going to stay there as he announced his retirement coming at the end of the year. - darthvadern

7 zxm

A music fan of Gen-17. While unfortunately retired, he did manage to become one of the top commenters on TheTopTens. Originally at fourth place until darthvadern (me) and Userguy44 overtook him. Now he's at 6th place but still owns an impressive 12K comments. - darthvadern

8 egnomac

And here's the most recent user to have made 10K comments. As of July 5th he has exactly 10,004 comments on this site. Due to how rapidly he has progressed with his comments he's most likely being a competitor to htoutlaws2012 one day in the future unless he decides to retire suddenly. - darthvadern

Congrats! Welcome to the club of the higher up elite level. - htoutlaws2012

9 DCfnaf

A Gen-16 former movie fanatic with lots and lots of movie reviews. Also used to be my idol on here. He's since early 2018 generally retired barely showing up. He's in the top ten for most comments though at over 10K comments. - darthvadern

10 VideoGamefan5

This Gen-15 user known as Videogamefan5, who kinda mentored darthvadern back during the Zootopia Controversy (March-June 2017) is a now retired user, but used to be a very active member. In fact so active he made even over 11,000 comments on here, making himself 7th on said statpage. Impressive. - darthvadern

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11 Britgirl
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