Top Ten TheTopTens Users With the Best Taste In Music

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1 cjWriter1997

Well he likes everything. Him and MetalTreasure and WOnkeyDude98 are the kings of music lists.

Nice surprise to see me at #3

2 PetSounds

Gets my vote. Very knowledgeable, considered opinions. Some overlapping, similar tastes to mine, as well as pointing me in directions to consider, things I may have overlooked or missed.

PetSounds' music lists are concocted with impeccable judgement, and editing them even slightly is a tricky ordeal. He's one of few people here who really knows what he's doing.

I came to know about Tame Impala (Psychedelic rock band) through him, and Tame Impala has since become one of my favorite bands of all time. Lonerism is just too awesome.

Thank you very much for including me, Mumbizz. And kudos for not adding yourself, even though you definitely deserve it.

3 Metal_Treasure

His taste is wonderful he gives me suggestions for bands I have never heard off and all of the bands he suggested were great and I love them now

Should be number 1 he has the best taste in music

I like PetSounds, but Metal_Tresusre is like a whole library for music, I think I should learn from him.

He has made the most lists about Music

4 htoutlaws2012
5 IronSabbathPriest

The guy who gave me an idea to make a metal tournament like his. He has one of the best tastes in music!

Yay! I didn't have to add myself! Cheers guys. - IronSabbathPriest

He should at least be number 2 or 3. He has a huge taste in music,and he knows a lot about it. - cosmo

Yeah! He has the best taste; he likes the majority of the bands I like!

6 EvilAngel

Well, because EvilAngel's taste in music is similar to that of mine, he gets my vote.

His music taste is very similar, we always likes rock&metal music.

His is very similar to mine! Modern rock, 2000s, and metal music!

Aww thank you :-)

7 DCfnaf
8 PositionWildhawk

I saw some of his remixes he said Metallica sucks and they are overrated because they made One which deserves the praise it gets unlike some people think He also said that November Rain is the worst Guns N' Roses song which is total incorrect proving that he has never heard that much bad songs from Guns N' Roses.

I bet most people hate positronwildhawk's taste in music and he only got this high because he was popular.

Why, thank you. I thought I would be considerably lower on this list.

This list is so subjective! Who are we to judge others?

9 WonkeyDude98

For a long time before I was on TheTopTens I read his many posts about music and he was really good at explaining what made a great song or an awful one. It's a pity he deleted his post history.

He said he liked rock more than pop, but last time I looked at his remix of the best songs of all time list it only had 3 rock songs and they were all in the contenders. There's proof that this guy has bad taste in music.

His taste is pretty good. He enjoys Rap and Pop music and hates crap like Linkin Park and country.

Damn, metal is not something everyone has to like. It's all subjective.

10 christangrant

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? RogerMcBaloney
? FergusTheTVCable

I believe that I should be first on this list. My music taste sticks out like gold in a poop factory.

The Contenders
11 Mumbizz01

I do like almost all of your Top 100 songs in your profile page so I'm voting for you & thanks for putting me this high here! - Fan_of_Good_Music

Wow, someone added me. Thank you to whoever added me. - Mumbizz01

Just look at his profile page. - PetSounds

Another specialist! Broad knowledge / diverse tastes
And from all I can tell, another Class guy. - Billyv

12 zxm

Thanks for adding me.

By the way,you could call me anything,metalhead,rock lover,folk lover.I even do listen some pop,EDM and rap songs.I could listen to any genre

13 Martin_Canine

He literally seems to listen to every kind of music but at the same time he doesn't listen passively he has really detailed explanations of why he likes or doesn't like particular songs. - Powell

Extremely knowledgeable and very developped and rich comments on his items. - JoLeKosovo

14 kempokid
15 NuMetalManiak

Let us be objectively clear here. How many artists do I know and how do I compare with others. Really it's no contest, Top 3 material for certain. There is no way to deny it. I can list them all but it's on my profile.

His taste is underrated. Likes some pretty badass bands as well.

16 Fan_Of_Good_Music

His username is self-explanatory.

17 LizardKing99

A Master In Classic Rock

18 Rhapsody
19 Alkadikce
20 DenyYourMaker
21 Ananya
22 CharismaticKat
23 BeatlesBoy9

I voted him because his name appears before Gg2000, but both have excellent music taste and both have some fine music lists.

He has an encyclopedic familiarity with almost everything I listen to and more. Also one of the coolest guys on TTT. - PetSounds

I echo PetSounds comment - Great minds (as well as my daffy one) often think alike! - much respect BeatlesBoy9
Look forward to continued good work/contributions, input. - Billyv

24 MontyPython
25 CrimsonShark

I might be on the Rock, Metal and Alternative side for the most part, but hey, I can enjoy a lot of Pop, Classical, some rap and even some obscure or rather very unpopular music as well :).

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