Top Ten TheTopTens Wars that are Happening


The Top Ten

1 TTT Policy War

Yep, and I'm against the policy - TwilightKitsune

The biggest one so many users with admins policy some against - speed

2 The Troll War

Some think trolling is bad others say it's fun - speed

3 Anime War

This is a debatable topic. - PeaceOut

Anime wars, of course - leafstar

Some love anime some don't
Is starting to grow mostly because of Puga Blear and Therandom - speed

4 The Porn War

Just had to put this so many users go with it and some against - speed

5 Indoor and Outdoor War

So many people are saying outdoors are better because of things like sports
Indoor people are saying that's better because of videogames - speed

6 Danteem War

Sorry if I spelled Danteem wrong
Even when Danteem left and change to Metts this surprising war is still going on
Some are with Danteem and others just hate him badly - speed

7 Sexcist and Racism War

Some are with racism and sexist
While others are against - speed

8 Disney1994 War

Some are with him some against him - speed

9 Yinharou Society

This war is slowly going down
But still high enough to be on - speed

10 Justin Bieber War

Would of been first but it's going down - speed

The Contenders

11 Metal vs Pop War

Metal vs Pop does it matter? I could honestly care less what you listen to. Although I tend to like Metal more. It's just music - NikoX

This war has been over for days... it's not going on anymore.

12 Gamecubesarecool193 War
13 Rustler War
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