Types of People Who Should Be Blocked from TheTopTens

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1 Cyberbullies

those who think Cyberbullying is allowed on TheTopTens are fatty lairs, they are idiotical bullies who wanted to throw others out of window, stupid Cyberbullies.

Those who claim that cyberbullying isn't real are big fat liars. And to claim that cyberbullies' victims are weak are the real weaklings as well as cyberbullies themselves. If you don't have the balls to say that crap to people's faces, don't post it online.

When I was much younger, I made a list about how the show Clarence is bad, and a guy commented on everything saying mean things about me. One of the things said that he/she wanted to throw me out the window.

Mean people are just mean.

Also, who was posting the stuff about Islam up by Haters and beliebers?

2 Trolls

I'm kinda okay with trolls if they manage to be hilarious, but if they're just unfunny and trolling this site, then no.

I think there's at least one troll on this site...

Some are funny. Others are irritating as hell

Some trolls like JBL and BarneyTheDinosaurRocks are hilarious,

3 Immature People

It's the people who say sex is gross and can't take a joke. They're ruining our website.

Is it just me, or do we have too many of these types of people?
Not trying to be dramatic.

Yes.Immature people are ruining our site along with sensitive people and attention seekersThrow them into the TTT gulag.

Autism haters in the nutshell

4 Elite Rustlers

Getting people ticked off somehow makes you popular. However, people that are nice and treat people with respect and are unique get rejected. What's happening to this world?

Needs to be first. They just try to offend people and attack them just because said person doesn't like them. They're really just bullies.

Of course rustlers are going to be a nuisance. I don't usually associate myself or try to get involved in whatever they do.

Indeed. As long as they are imposed as a threat, but I don't see any harm being flung at me.

5 Haters

Nothing is bad with haters because they just share opinions on a site where you can share opinions.

The same morons who hate Scarlett Johansson, the Lion King, and Captain America: Civil war!

They're really annoying they bash someone just for liking something

Why people hate each others, we are all for one source is humanity

6 Advertisers

Have you ever wanted to be able to eat ice cream without it melting? Well guess what? Now you can, with my new invention not melting ice cream! It costs $1,000,000 and it comes with a whole ounce of ice cream! But wait... there’s more! If you call within the next hour to buy my product, you’ll get an extra half ounce for only $2,000,000! Must be 9 years or younger to order.

I've received random messages with links to copyrighted videos. Well done advertisers.

I don't mean pop up ads I mean people who tell you to go to another website

Hate when people send me their new lists, right on the block list

7 Perverts

True. But that's on the person themselves if he/mainly she posted nude photos of themselves.

I know so many of here!

8 Idiots

Keep seeing people who don't know what they're talking about. Like thinking Martin Luther is the man who was a part of the Civil Rights Movement (Martin Luther King Jr. was a part of the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther helped form the Protestant Church). People should start doing their research

Idiocy is something that's not very controllable on the internet.

Idiocy makes ideas fall as flat as their idea of Earth.

9 People who don't know what an opinion is

They're so annoying and they always disrespect others.Like that Rainbow Dash Fan Visitor who is so mean on my opinion.I was just saying my opinion and it was her/him who started it(well,he/she was the one being mean,not me).So,i think she/he should get blocked from this site

These people are so annoying! Not everyone has to like or dislike the same things as someone else. This was actually me 8 months ago...

I am not saying your opinion is wrong. But I am right no matter what - Unnamed Google User Remade

It's okay to state your opinion, but nobody likes having it shoved down their throats.

10 People who can't take a joke

People who can't take a joke should not be on the internet at all, I made a joke about Hillary Clinton supporters being blocked and now some Hillary clinton fan is getting triggered over my joke!

How is this not higher? , These people shouldn't be on the internet at all if they can't take a simple joke (cough cough most of Gen 18 cough)

Yeah, it's really annoying when people act like this. Just be careful your joke's not going too far though.

I'm most offended by the comic sans.

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11 Spammers

I have gotten messages from many people that are not only random links, but immature sayings like "wanna fight" and "I want to"

And they follow it up with "just a joke."

Well no.

Spam voting is an issue, but it isn't necessarily something that goes against any policies of TTT. Spam voting is however, something we as users can go against ourselves.

Right now, you can get a deal on amazon if you buy $1,000,000 worth of my bad products, you will get a bunch of free money and a trip to Arizona and a new car!

Spam voting is probably the biggest problem on the site, at least as far as I know.

12 Nazis

How is this not higher.

Hitler is the worst

13 Racists

I never heard anyone who was racist before.. I don't know if Trump is really racist

Haven't seen any racists on this website so far, but yeah. Racism is not okay.

Liking Trump does not mean people are racist.

14 5-year-Olds

They are banned. Since they don't apply to the age minimum of this site, they can't join.

They just start crying to take something off the list and can't take an opinion

All they do is disrespect opinions on Avengers infinity war and Star wars

All they do is whine about Fortnite being the best game

15 People with disgusting fetishes

Everyone has fetishes. The only difference being that some people like to tell others about their fetishes for some reason.

More people probably have them than you think, not that I can talk here. But being open about it is just wrong.

(Cough) Submarine Man (Cough)

16 People from North Carolina

Why me? Did someone put this down just to trick me? I'm not surprised.

Especially if they are Duke fans. Lol

We do not Stan North Carolina people

Some people from there are nice...

17 Attention Whores

Just try your best to ignore them. Giving attention to them is only giving them what they want.

The item gave me attention to comment on it

You have to earn it, bud.

18 Al-Qaeda

Why would terrorists wanted to come up here get the cia get the CIA!

Terrorists go on this small site? Oh god.

19 People who make lists only about one thing

I mean, it's nice to have variety in your content but by no means people who make lists about the same stuff deserve to be blocked, as long as their lists are pretty decent

I make mostly music lists, is there anything wrong with that?

I have a new list making topic every week so I can avoid this.

My lists usually vary between metal music and video games.

20 People who beg for followers

A lot of people don't care about these things but if somebody does that you know it's because nobody wants to follow them

I really do not care about followers; but I do care about the quality of content that I put out on the site.

I don't give a damn about my follower number. As long as my content is well received I'll go with it.

Samanime is an awesome user who asked for followers simpsondude. Do you think this item talks about her?

21 Fanboys/girls

I love Billie Eilish, Halsey, Fall Out Boy, and Twenty One Pilots! They are the best! They make me live forever! Listen to their music right this second!

They wont stop talking about some stupid YouTube channel or game

Yeah, this happens. But I do become obessed with things.

I'm a Marilyn Manson fangirl.
Oh no! I should be banned!

22 Beliebers

This is an opinion there's only 1 bad song by him

Yes I had to put this up here

For their own safety.

They should visit a mental people's home

23 People who get easily offended

These people are everywhere. It's almost like a plague.

24 Furries

Only the yiffers. Normal furries are fine as long as they make good lists and don't harass anyone.

I have never seen any around here. Maybe they were already blocked.

Only the toxic ones, as someone who's a furry and dang proud of it!

Depends. Are they the good side of the fandom, or the bad side?

25 Alt-Right

Alex Jones says hello

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