Thing That Make You Angry


The Top Ten

1 Someone Revealing Spoilers

I hate when people spoil things for me my brother does it all the time sometimes even my parents and I have had other people do it to me too it is so annoying it really gets me angry - ROONEY

Yes, so annoying. Diminishes the experience.

2 Spitting In Street
3 Ignorance
4 Bad Manners
5 People Who Queue Jump

SERIOUSLY! We're all waiting in line for the same thing, why push in? GET TO THE BACK OF THE QUEUE, MUSH! Phew! And breathe... - Britgirl

6 People Who Swear (All The Time)

It's just annoying to swear constantly. I so it sometimes, but there's nothing worse than people doing it nonstop and thinking it's cool. Is it that difficult to get your point across without dropping the f bomb every other word?

7 Unfriendly Shop Assistants

What does it take to exchange pleasantries? And would their face split at the thought of smiling? - Britgirl

8 Lazy People
9 Able Bodied Drivers In Disabled Car Spaces
10 Nosiness

The Contenders

11 Haters

I dunno sure we are suppose to ignore Haters but when there hating on something your super Passionate aboot it makes you mad! - Curti2594

12 Movie Clichés

I hate clichés like these. So much. - PositronWildhawk

13 TV Cliffhangers

There so predictable nowadays but it still pisses me off! - Curti2594

14 Dishonesty
15 People Asking "Are You Okay" As You're Bleeding to Death.
16 Parents Get After You for Liking Kinky Stuff When They Did It to Have You
17 People Who Are Too Worried About Their Reputation
18 Fanboys or Girls

Sometimes adventure time fans can be so terrible!

19 Girls at the Beach Who Think I'm Looking at Their Breasts When Actually I'm Looking at Their Sexy Belly
20 Not Having Enough Money to Live On Your Own

This drives me crazy because I don't want to feed off of my Parents wallets but not everything works as you'd love it to! - Curti2594

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