Top 10 Things that Make You the Most Angry


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1 Being Blamed for Something You Didn't Do

Once I was blamed for
. Pushing a boy down the slide
. Climbing a tree
. Stealing a PENCIL
. Hitting a girl
I never did any if these things but if course, I got blamed doing them

It ruins who I am if that happens.

One time a kid in my class yelled a cuss word not gonna say which one and he said I did it good thing he got in trouble because I have a low voice and he sounds like a 6 year old

I was once blamed for hitting a boy with a ping-pong racket (something that, of course, I never did).
I was so mad!

2 Ignorance

True story

3 Someone Revealing Spoilers

I hate when people spoil things for me my brother does it all the time sometimes even my parents and I have had other people do it to me too it is so annoying it really gets me angry - ROONEY

Yes, so annoying. Diminishes the experience.

4 People Who Take Credit for Your Work

I am the head of my class at language arts. I was sitting next to my friend when our teacher asked us to write something and then share it. My friend copied me. Of course, me being the lazy git that I am, I didn't share my answer but my friend did. My teacher was very pleases with it and asked her to display it to the whole class, and tell us more about the book she was reading. I still haven't gotten over it. She wasn't a very good friend either...

An artist's biggest problem

True story, I killed a guy and his other person went to jail for it like what I did that

This would combine with the item 'your boss' I do all the thinking, the listening, putting a case together and he takes the credit! And what's more, he gets paid more! - Britgirl

5 Bad Drivers

Idiots, my school timings are from 7:20, and the school van comes to take me at 6 am, a new driver was driving at that time, he was driving so slow that I could see cycles going faster than our van! - Ananya

The only thing you need to know about driving is that most people currently on the road is an idiot - Harri666

One time my dad went past someone because she was going slow so then she kept beeping at us and gave us the middle finger

There's even lots of crazy, bad drivers in my little village. But I'm pretty sure that there is lots more in bigger cities. - funnyuser

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6 Abusive Parents

My parents yell at me a lot. I get angry at them for it.

The yelling isn't going to make anything better, and I can't be expected to be a perfect child. My family hits me, and I never get compliments for my achievements, just "You could be better" or "You'll never be successful if that's all you can do"

They don’t make me angry. They make me furious! - DrayTopTens

I hate it when this happens because hurting your child is NOT going to help the situation at all don't yell at them either talk with them bond and build a relationship with them! Don't smack, hit, punch, kick... I'm sure that's what all children are told yet there parents are aloud to? I don't get it...

7 Spitting In Street

I HATE THIS! especially when they are spitting in my backyard.

8 Liars and Lies


I hate liars my foster brother lies his way out of stuff and gets me into trouble its stupid its just his ignorance and deceptiveness

My cousins lie to get me in trouble and unfortunately it almost always works

Deceptive people...avoid. - Ananya

9 Bad Manners

If it's bad manners as in shoving, swearing and fighting, count me out.

But if it's Bad Manners as in 'Lip up fatty,' 'Walking in the sunshine' and 'Inner London violence,' COUNT ME IN!

10 Nosiness

My brother will not leave me alone. Neither will my mom. They ask too many questions.

My SISTER won't get out of my face in school and at home, and probably in my sleep because she is so nosy.

My dad gets in my business all the time.

My dad stares at my computer screen, and when I was in high school my special ed teacher would stalk me everywhere that I go.


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11 People Who Swear (All The Time)

Yeah this would make me mad after awhile - trains45

I hate

This is my sister. I'm not happy with her swearing all the time. Wrong expression. - Userguy44

It's just annoying to swear constantly. I so it sometimes, but there's nothing worse than people doing it nonstop and thinking it's cool. Is it that difficult to get your point across without dropping the f bomb every other word?

12 Screaming Children

I am scared of screaming children. That's how much I hate it. - DrayTopTens

I just want to yell to them SHUT UP - Harri666

Tie them up and gag them, I need a day without screaming kids in public.

Screaming kid's are so annoying I wish they should shut up

13 People Who Queue Jump

Oh yes, I hate that too. Due to my job, I have to go to the supermarket every single day and it drives me crazy when people don't queue like they should. If I see that people are in a hurry, I sometimes let them go ahead. But not everybody - I also don't want to spend more time in the supermarket as needed.

Another thing I absolutely don't understand is, why elderly people who are retired chose to go to the Migros right in the rush hour when everybody has to buy lunch. But that's another topic. - MissLA

SERIOUSLY! We're all waiting in line for the same thing, why push in? GET TO THE BACK OF THE QUEUE, MUSH! Phew! And breathe... - Britgirl

14 Bullies

I know it’s annoying when people think they have the right to bully someone.


Wait! This is top 10 material. - Userguy44

15 Slow Loading Screens

This is annoying can me angry if it taking forever - trains45

It don't happen that much to me but if it happens I hate it

It happens me, many times!...internet and video-games ruined my life! - CedreticFomento

You start watching something and the second that something interesting happens it freezes and you see the dreaded wheel of death, Then you either have it giving you an error message or showing you the rest of your video as if it was running in 8 bit on a Sega Dreamcast

16 Animal Abusers

Who would ever even try to do this?! The only reason why a dog would try to attack you or someone else is because YOU raised it wrong! It gets scared and uses self defense. Maybe the dog would be nicer if the people actually didn't abuse their dog. It sickens me to even think about this and the people who abuse the dogs have NO right to do such a thing. I can see if they did something wrong, they need a punishment sometimes but you don't abuse the dog, just say firmly "No" or just give them a little hard pat, not too hard. The dogs don't deserve to be treated like that. If you were going to do that, why did you adopt him/her anyways?

Oh yes, it's a massive problem that needs to be properly addressed. At my school, we have chickens. My Agriculture class had this beautiful, powerful, healthy golden rooster in the chicken coop. The next day? Cockfighters. Oh, how do I want to strangle those damn cockfighters. They stole him to fight. Despite being muscular and healthy, the rooster probably didn't make it if he's already been used in a fight. The disgusting, so-called 'illegal' (where I live, it's supposed to be illegal, but there aren't any consequences for doing it. Gee, great job preventing animal abuse) sport just makes my stomach churn. The worst part? Students in classes will openly talk and brag about cockfighting. No one does or says a thing about it. I can't express how furious I am that cockfightingnd abuse is just being treated like a sport. Animal abusers disgust me beyond human expression. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

* cough, cough * PETA * cough, cough * Oh sorry! There was something stuck in my throat. - IceFoxPlayz

Animals are just way too cute and those people are just evil

17 Being Used

One of my friends took avdantge of me and robbed my house - Yoshidude

Sounds terrible. Should be higher, - Userguy44

Yes, this is one of my least favorite things. - saturatedsunrise

18 People Who are Morons

I wish these people never existed.. - Userguy44

I know some very intelligent people who are also absolute morons. They may have a high IQ, but that doesn't prevent them from making stupid, foolish decisions.

It is a lot it's not OK but it's bad I hate that

Like my brother cody he is such an idiot - RootBeerFan

19 Unfriendly Shop Assistants

What does it take to exchange pleasantries? And would their face split at the thought of smiling? - Britgirl

20 Racism Racism

Whats INSIDE is what matters

I'm either Chinese, Japanese, or not Asian.

I am tired to hear "black skin is poop" - Toppy_tenny

Screw racism! - Userguy44

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21 People that Talk During Movies

It gets on my nerves so much. I think that people who talk during movies shouldn't go to the movies in the first place. Except if the other person they are talking to has a mental or physical condition, then I am perfectly fine with it.

My stupid family does this...

Some annoying little kid was laughing about a movie trailer when someone ripped their pants and during the whole movie he was giggling and saying, "RIP! " I hated it and it ruined otherwise a really great film for me.

I came here to see a movie, not listen to you talk on your phone with your friend.

22 Attention Hogs
23 Knowing You're Right, but Others Don't Believe You



24 Radio Hits
25 Your Boss

" Your Boss " doesn't exist! Nobody is boss but yourself over you. The exact word is " Your Employer ". And a employer without workers is nothing more than " a someone ". He wouldn't exist if you don't exist. And don't forget, it's not because he gives you work that he can do anything he wants. You have rights too.

Almost everyone has a Boss who's always yelling and screaming at you and really makes things difficult for you. - egnomac

Some bosses can be nice.

Bossy people telling you to do what they says

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26 Having Siblings

Yeah sometimes with my brother - trains45

My sister makes me mad sometimes

My brother is so annoying because he does a lot of dumb things so annoying

I have 3 and they're the worst- they never get out your way and think that there so much better then you because they're such a goodie goodie

27 Friends Who Aren't There for You When You Need Them

My friend hector loepze is there for me all the time acuttly a ton of people are - Yoshidude

Well my friend arianna betrayd me

Then they're not true friends - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I've given up on friendships

28 People Who Can't Follow Directions
29 Crazy People


Aka Christian extremists. The ones who believe in Noah's Ark which is really childish.
Believing in the Rapture never heard of Codex Sinaiticus when Jesus never resurrected. Which is the first Bible translated into English not King James Version.
So if you believe in the rapture sorry it wont happen because of Codex Sinaiticus

30 Lazy People
31 Hackers

HECK YES - Yoshidude

My older sister hacked my neighbor on Animal Jam and wasted all her gems on pets, then traded them to herself.

On Minecraft, Somebody Went On To My Server And Stole 500 Of My Treasure Shards. I Had 960 Before But Now I Have 460!

The ones who hack on your computer in your house or worse having a easy password - RootBeerFan

32 People Who Steal Your Jokes


People Who Steal Your Jokes - Morefunthanfun

People shouldn't get angry about this. - Userguy44

Yeah it's true I want to say that but. It's not good


33 People Talking to You While You're Trying to Work

This happens a lot during my job. Just let me work and leave me alone please! - Userguy44

I seriously hate this to the end of the world. People who do this all the time are the most dumb among us. To them, I would say, "How did you succeed in school? Was there a competition for 'Collect 1000 peanut shells for an A'? " - PositronWildhawk

Actually, number 8 would be the incorrect use of the word "your"

That's make Me mad and its hard I can't do when I have to be a good in my business

34 People Borrowing Your Stuff and Returning It Broken

This sure would be angering - trains45

Sounds bad even though no one breaks my stuff - Yoshidude

This is why I NEVER allow people to touch my stuff

I truly agree!

35 People Generalizing Everything
36 Finding Out that You've Been Cheated On

I have never been on a date - Yoshidude

It doesn. Make me angry, just hurt. You cannot imagine pain like it until you've experienced it. I'll never go back there.

Yah das gay. my ex beat me.

The only girlfriend I've had cheated on me 😥

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37 Donald Trump as the 45th President

I didn't expect this to be here...

You know what pisses me off? Dumb ass democrats hating on trump and causing riots because he is the president, yes I do agree that we could have a little better of a president, but he defiantly is better than Clinton, some people are so ignorant and stupid sometimes and nearly all of you need to check your facts

You know what pisses me off? Trump supporters hating on other people because they disagree. Yes, we could have had someone better than Clinton, but she was at least better than Trump, I mean, did she propose policies that would ruin the environment or hurt the poor? If anyone needs to check their facts, it's you. - allamassal

Americans have lost their right to claim they have any sort of moral authority or global leadership. If you voted for Trump I don't blame you, but you should be aware that your president has alienated america from its allies and denigrated western values on the global stage, conceding power to China and Saudi arabia. What makes me angry is that trump voters don't realise what is happening because they are too focussed on domestic politics to see the bigger picture.

i hate him

38 Able Bodied Drivers In Disabled Car Spaces
39 Getting a Traffic Ticket

suck one

But it’s good if it’s a concert ticket. - saturatedsunrise

40 People Looking Over Your Phone While Texting

I. Want. To. Slap. Them.

No joke, I was watching Disney Channel on T.V. minding my own business... unlike someone I know... namely, my bratty little sister, Madilyn! She was playing on her kindle when she said that she needed to go to the bathroom and I said okay but... unfortunately... it was a joke. Instead she stared at me and the T.V. and asked me about what I was watching that's when I quickly turned around and yelled, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! And she said, is too. I said back is not! that's when I turned off the T.V. and came to her. I was so mad! I wanted to punch her stupid face.

I'll never let that happen...I hate interference... - Ananya

I'm pretty sure I got this for my birthday, and you didn't. So back off.

41 Campers

Yes definitely I play ROBLOX murder mystery and they camp

Yes, I play Roblox too. I play Jailbreak the coppers camp mostly everything that criminals have to rob.

One time my brother cody and dad went camping and all of the sudden the fork appears out of nowhere then we drive really fast home! that was the worst day of my life. - RootBeerFan

*Plays GMOD* *Kid camps the gun and murders everyone* *Me in the corner having an intense rage*

42 People Who Think They're Right and You're Wrong

These people needs to fall into a hole! - Userguy44

My neighbor Owen he thinks he is right and he is not
He won’t keep his mouth shut

Nearly every single member of my family in a nutshell

This surely pisses me off - Ananya

43 Deadbeat Dads


44 School Teachers

I hated some of my teachers. ESPECIALLY my high school special ed teacher. She is racist! (Constantly getting me, the only Asian kid in the class, in trouble, for no reason)!

45 Trolls

Cough henry_danger_is_great cough! - Userguy44

46 Movie Clichés

I hate clichés like these. So much. - PositronWildhawk

47 Haters

They're not wrong however. The show is bad.

Oh well, haters are everywhere. - Userguy44

I am a hater

I dunno sure we are suppose to ignore Haters but when there hating on something your super Passionate aboot it makes you mad! - Curti2594

48 People Who Don't Take Responsibility for Their Actions

Perfectly describes my younger cousins when they were younger. They constantly targeted ME. Then my relatives all believe in them, and then when I tell them that I didn't do anything, they say that I was lying when I was telling the truth.

Even though it's their fault

A.k.a my parents, I mean, let's make our 15 year old daughter responsible for our grown-up dumbass actions.

49 Egomaniacs

I am defiantly not an egomaniac. I am the most humble person I know - Morefunthanfun

50 Terror Attacks

This is beyond upsetting-poor families being torn apart :(

Allah would be displeased with your opinion, Dirty infidel.

This should definitely be at the top! It's cold blooded murder for no good reason.

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