Top Ten Things that 4kids Did When They Dub Anime

4Kids Is a well hated anime dubbing company for many reasons. Infamous for dubbing Yu-Gi-Oh! Here are some popular reasons why a lot of people hate 4Kids(I also hate them, apparently)

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They only care about the money they'll cash in

For nostalgia every 90s kid loves 4kids Pokémon even if they changed things. Look they would never ever show the Porygon episode, just watch a parody in The Simpsons when they go to Japan.

Don't vote if you grew up with 4kids Anime or say Anime isn't a cartoon. (Japanese - Animation)

They just care about money...-Vestalis

They don't care If the fans of the original anime felt offended or not, The only thing they care about Is only making a million dollars In the cheapest way

It says "for kids". But they also dubbed animes with maturer content

This is stupid. If they considered themselves as for kids, then show kids actually child friendly shows! Not pick up violent anime or hentai ones just to ruin them

They ruined Kirby: Right Back at Ya for me.

They made character deaths into things like "sucked into another dimension"

Sucked into another dimension, they say. But when the kid looks It up and found the original version online, It turns out that the character was killed.

Thank goodness the didn't dub death note because I would had to deal with this nonsense

Just like the shadow realm in yu gi oh but I kinda did like the consept though

They butcher good animes and make them into "kid shows"

Imagine if they dub Death Note. They would probably make the deaths into the note of people that disappear. They would turn the deaths into disappearence. And I bet the voices will sound to kiddy and annoying to be in such a serious anime like Death Note.

The funny thing is that most kids hate them.

One Piece had a big problem with this

Happens to Smile! Purikuya and changes it to Glitter Force

For having terrible voice acting

Especially the One Piece 4Kids dub had some of the worst voices ever. They should hire people that actually do good voices, not a bunch of random people that cannot act.

What was the anime with the worst voice acting(Japanese)? Whatever It was, It has better voice acting than all the shows 4Kids have(their dub versions)

Cough*Nami's 4Kids English dub voice*cough.

Couldn't be any worse than how World Events Productions did it!

Ruined some characters' persona

I heard that Ichigo from Tokyo mew mew was cute and innocent on the original anime version. And with Mew mew power, as Zoey, she was turned into loud and annoying.

Oh god... I remember in the one piece 4 kids thing... Ussop... They turned him into some ' idiot that sounds like he just restocked the candy in his van

Made good scenes into cheesy ones

I can imagine what would happen to that Homura Akemi vs Mami Tomoe fight from Madoka Magica:Rebellion If they dare to take Madoka Magica and ruin It. Instead of having an epic gun fight, They made them use pink staffs that shoot glitter beams(or something like that) and make the setting look like cotton candy and rainbows. And they'd be smiling and the fight was because they were just "training their powers"(In the real version, It was actually a fight, not training). And the time Homura shot herself will be edited and the blood on Homura's face because of that into strawberry/blueberry kool aid that was splashed on her face. And the time where Homura tried to shoot Mami will be cut.

I would like from curiosity to dub and make elfen lied into a kid show

That gun fight is epic. I don't want a 4kidsdub to ruin it.-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

They ruin the openings

I liked some of their openings. Sometimes the reason why they change it because copyright can change, or they weren't allowed to use the original and English dub it in the first place.

Kirby: Right back at ya at least had a good opening

The worst is the one piece

I don't like Sonic X and all, But the original japanese opening was somewhat better than the 4Kids one. At least they didn't say "Gotta go fast! "Repeatedly or "Faster! Faster! Faster! "

They censor Japanese culture/foods for no reason at all

Jam filled doughnuts.
But anyway we know the weren't

Nothing beats a jelly filled donut!

Ice cream is so yummy! I love 🍨.

They made the theme songs horrible

I like the Pokemon songs.

Magical DoReMi is sooo annoying!

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They replace the soundtracks into whatever is on their "audio library"

Soundtrack and audio effects does make a good impact when comes to make an epic or hilarious scene in anime, there's also the moments where the sound is NOT even required and still makes an impact.

In soem cases from 4Kids adaptations, they do use some unecessary and repetitive sound effects that manages to kill a good scene. One good example is the anime adaptation of Monster Rancher, where there's a lot of times they do use the VERY same soudntrack is ALMOST all episodes. What is the poitn of that?

Soundtracks are actually an important aspect in anime(on my opinion). Especially when they suit the situations a lot. So why replace them with stuff like elevator music or just random sounds?

Annoying circus music in One Piece

4kids needs their bare butt spanked

They say cheesy words

Those sounds like words which can hear in a kindergarten or elementary school

Cheesy words are "Cheese Whips", "Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches", "Guacamole and Chips", "Jelly Filled Donuts", "Caramel-Pistachio-Strawberry Ice Cream Sundaes", "Pepperoni Pizzas", and "Chocolate Chip Cookies".

Annoying princess music in magical doremi

Episodes 1-26 is THIS! Cinus-Findus

They change the characters' names

And most people hated this idea. AniplexUS and FUNimation(my favourite dubbing companies by the way) didn't do this. As they kept the characters with their canon original names(sometimes, they use the english pronoun of the name. Like example If Lelouch from code geass was pronounced "Rurushu" in the japanese due to the accent, the english dub simply made It "Lelouch" instead. But still uses the canon name the original creators gave). While 4Kids changed the characters name which angers most of the original anime's fans.

Honestly I don’t mind if they change the character’s original name (It’s creator’s choice, what did you expected? )

They said bad words

Imagine if 4kids has Deadpool

Wait, they don't swear in 4kids

Don't repeat that!

Go to your rooms and clean those stupid mouths off!

They turned wine and takoyaki into milk and cookies
They turned pop culture into toddler culture

What things do toddlers learn from dubbed animes;

They turned glasses into sippy cups

Jack Levin (F-Zero Gp Legend): Who the F-Zero changed my order of glass of banana juice into sippy cup version! I’m 20 something years old for crying out loud!

They didn't air beauty and the beach
They turned bikinis into casual outfits

No! Don't do that! How about pajamas instead?

Why don’t they just use one-piece swimsuits? Or larger bikinis?

Turn older people into babies
They turned characters from boys to girls
They turn medicine into pacifiers

Do you want to see grownup babies;

Kissing the baby
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