Top Ten Things that 4kids Did When They Dub Anime

4Kids Is a well hated anime dubbing company for many reasons. Infamous for dubbing Yu-Gi-Oh! Here are some popular reasons why a lot of people hate 4Kids(I also hate them, apparently)

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1 They only care about the money they'll cash in

They don't care If the fans of the original anime felt offended or not, The only thing they care about Is only making a million dollars In the cheapest way - MLPFan

Don't vote if you grew up with 4kids Anime or say Anime isn't a cartoon. (Japanese - Animation)

They just care about money...-Vestalis

2 It says "for kids". But they also dubbed animes with maturer content

This is stupid. If they considered themselves as for kids, then show kids actually child friendly shows! Not pick up violent anime or hentai ones just to ruin them - MLPFan

These guys dubbed One Piece.

They have GUNS in this show, for pete's sake. - ItsPisces

3 They made character deaths into things like "sucked into another dimension"

Sucked into another dimension, they say. But when the kid looks It up and found the original version online, It turns out that the character was killed. - MLPFan

The Original Yu-gi-oh...Good god. The Yu-gi-oh manga was very very violent and was literally a horror series. I'm not sure about much of the sub for the Yu-Gi-Oh (I only watched 5Ds in japanese so far), but really, 4kids shouldn't have dubbed Yu-gi-oh... - Ruee

4 They butcher good animes and make them into "kid shows"

Imagine if they dub Death Note. They would probably make the deaths into the note of people that disappear. They would turn the deaths into disappearence. And I bet the voices will sound to kiddy and annoying to be in such a serious anime like Death Note. - AnimeDrawer

The funny thing is that most kids hate them. - Tia-Harribel

They actually do this a lot - MLPFan

They could have censored the sexy jutsus from naruto,and censored every outfit every female character from fairy tail was wearing - BoyGenius234

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5 For having terrible voice acting

Especially the One Piece 4Kids dub had some of the worst voices ever. They should hire people that actually do good voices, not a bunch of random people that cannot act. - AnimeDrawer

Cough*Nami's 4Kids English dub voice*cough. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Couldn't be any worse than how World Events Productions did it! - Interrogator

What was the anime with the worst voice acting(Japanese)? Whatever It was, It has better voice acting than all the shows 4Kids have(their dub versions) - MLPFan

6 Ruined some characters' persona

I heard that Ichigo from Tokyo mew mew was cute and innocent on the original anime version. And with Mew mew power, as Zoey, she was turned into loud and annoying. - MLPFan

Oh god... I remember in the one piece 4 kids thing... Ussop... They turned him into some ' idiot that sounds like he just restocked the candy in his van - TrisTris

7 Made good scenes into cheesy ones

I can imagine what would happen to that Homura Akemi vs Mami Tomoe fight from Madoka Magica:Rebellion If they dare to take Madoka Magica and ruin It. Instead of having an epic gun fight, They made them use pink staffs that shoot glitter beams(or something like that) and make the setting look like cotton candy and rainbows. And they'd be smiling and the fight was because they were just "training their powers"(In the real version, It was actually a fight, not training). And the time Homura shot herself will be edited and the blood on Homura's face because of that into strawberry/blueberry kool aid that was splashed on her face. And the time where Homura tried to shoot Mami will be cut. - MLPFan

That gun fight is epic. I don't want a 4kidsdub to ruin it.-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

8 They ruin the openings

I liked some of their openings. Sometimes the reason why they change it because copyright can change, or they weren't allowed to use the original and English dub it in the first place.

I like the Pokémon Indigo League theme song, though. - ItsPisces

I don't like Sonic X and all, But the original japanese opening was somewhat better than the 4Kids one. At least they didn't say "Gotta go fast! "Repeatedly or "Faster! Faster! Faster! " - MLPFan

9 They censor Japanese culture/foods for no reason at all

Jam filled doughnuts.
But anyway we know the weren't

10 They made the theme songs horrible

I like the Pokemon songs.

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11 Annoying circus music in One Piece

4kids needs their bare butt spanked

12 Didn't air Electric Solider Porygon.

They weren’t allowed to. no country was.

13 They replace the soundtracks into whatever is on their "audio library"

Soundtracks are actually an important aspect in anime(on my opinion). Especially when they suit the situations a lot. So why replace them with stuff like elevator music or just random sounds? - MLPFan

14 They change the characters' names

And most people hated this idea. AniplexUS and FUNimation(my favourite dubbing companies by the way) didn't do this. As they kept the characters with their canon original names(sometimes, they use the english pronoun of the name. Like example If Lelouch from code geass was pronounced "Rurushu" in the japanese due to the accent, the english dub simply made It "Lelouch" instead. But still uses the canon name the original creators gave). While 4Kids changed the characters name which angers most of the original anime's fans. - MLPFan

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16 The Cancellation of F-Zero Gp Legend
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1. They only care about the money they'll cash in
2. It says "for kids". But they also dubbed animes with maturer content
3. They made character deaths into things like "sucked into another dimension"



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