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1 Technology

Well, for medical reasons, yes. In general, it's what's turning us into pseudo-humans. - Metalhead1997

Revolution has occurred in this section - belarbi

It's everywhere and it's noticeable in a good way. sure there rough things aboot it but it's how the world lives now - Curti2594

2 Better Education

Depends on where you live. - Metalhead1997

3 We Are a Little More Accepting

Yeah, just "a little more". - Metalhead1997

4 Decent Pop Culture

You people need to grow up and calm down. There was still some decent things besides songs about drugs, sex, and partying. Complaining about it is not gonna make it any better.

There was nothing great about mainstream music from the 2010's. All they ever played was songs about drugs, sex, partying, and smoking. How's that any good?

I never said ALL mainstream music was bad. There were some good songs that had positive messages. I guess I just didn't explain myself better but it's just a simple mistake I made and I apologize for it.

And sure, maybe I can't stop bad songs about partying, sex, and drugs from getting played but you know what? Artists who only sing that kind of stuff are only gonna get more haters instead of lovers. The only people who really enjoy that kind of music are people who are screwed up in the head and want to cause trouble. If you're wack, there's gonna be some bad consequences for you. You'll end up just getting more haters instead of lovers because you keep putting out songs about partying, sex, and drugs and no real positive message at all. You're the true kind of artist who really encourages bad behavior in your fans.

Pop culture is absolutely god awful - ryanrimmel

I don't care. I still say that the pop culture was awful. You guys may think it was good but I honestly thought it was atrocious. And I'm not saying you guys are dumb. Like what you want but I just thought it was all awful.

Very few things about this decade I like right now. - Metalhead1997

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5 More Jobs
6 College
7 Memes

Y'all mind if I'm

8 Samaritans
9 World Leaders Who Do Good

Ha ha, funny that. Everyone seems to be in a financial crisis at the moment, and there's a party of arrogant, racist twats gaining popularity in Britain. The future of the 2010s looks promising. - PositronWildhawk

10 More Environmentally Aware

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11 Small Acts of Kindness
12 The Dark Knight
13 Television Shows

Not trying to sound negative but in my opinion a lot of today's T.V. shows are stupid and some are ripoffs of better ones such as Boy Meets World they made Girl Meets World and other shows idl however, some shows like About A Boy, Family Guy and Big Bang Theory are awesome. Also, Reality T.V. is the worst

The only good T.V. shows of 2010s that I like are Regular Show, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Gumball, and Kung Fu Panda. - NexusUnterganger639

14 More Atheists

I don't see how that's the "best" thing, but if wanna be atheist, fine. - Metalhead1997

You are the skum of the earth

15 No Tupac Shakur V 1 Comment
16 Much Less Racism

No, there's still racism. - Metalhead1997

17 People Are Getting Skinnier

If they are getting healthier, that's good. If they're developing eating disorders, that's bad. - DieGedankenSindFrei

Health wise? If it's to try to look like those models on T.V., then they need some counseling. - Metalhead1997

18 Surge And Hostess Makes A Comeback
19 Anti-Justin Bieber Humor
20 Feminism

Feminism is cancer

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1. Technology
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1. Technology
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