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1 Technology

Yes, so that people think their instagram life is way more important than their real life. So that actual human communication is now rare. So that people are immersed in a fake world.

Well, for medical reasons, yes. In general, it's what's turning us into pseudo-humans. - Metalhead1997

Revolution has occurred in this section - belarbi

It's everywhere and it's noticeable in a good way. sure there rough things aboot it but it's how the world lives now - Curti2594

2 Better Education

Depends on where you live. - Metalhead1997

3 More Jobs
4 Memes

Eh, I'm mixed. Sure there's some decent memes out there but there are also some that are bland and try way too hard to be edgy. I don't mind edgy humor though as long as it's smart and done right. Hopefully this can all be turned around and we can get more funny memes.

Memes are making the world more annoying and less serious. Shut up you normies

Y'all mind if I'm

5 Decent Pop Culture

You people need to grow up and calm down. There was still some decent things besides songs about drugs, sex, and partying. Complaining about it is not gonna make it any better.

What your talking about. Pop culture sucked this decade but there was plenty of good stuff in places like soundcloud along with stuff outside of the mainstream.

There was nothing great about mainstream music from the 2010's. All they ever played was songs about drugs, sex, partying, and smoking. How's that any good?

I never said ALL mainstream music was bad. There were some good songs that had positive messages. I guess I just didn't explain myself better but it's just a simple mistake I made and I apologize for it.

And sure, maybe I can't stop bad songs about partying, sex, and drugs from getting played but you know what? Artists who only sing that kind of stuff are only gonna get more haters instead of lovers. The only people who really enjoy that kind of music are people who are screwed up in the head and want to cause trouble. If you're wack, there's gonna be some bad consequences for you. You'll end up just getting more haters instead of lovers because you keep putting out songs about partying, sex, and drugs and no real positive message at all. You're the true kind of artist who really encourages bad behavior in your fans.

If your talking about the music pop culture, than no, the pop music of today is the worst of any pop music of any decade.

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6 We Are a Little More Accepting

Yeah, just "a little more". - Metalhead1997

7 College

Are you kidding me. College was better in the 00s and the 90s. College nowadays is expensive and also not worth it unless your aiming for an engineering degree, business degree, or something that takes time and money. Unfortunately, we have people taking Gender Studies majors which makes people dumb.

For 1,000,000,000 dollars, and you won't be able to get a job unless, you pay all of that money, yeah, we don't live in a futuristic utopia after all.

8 Video Games

How is this good? - Metalhead1997

9 World Leaders Who Do Good

Ha ha, funny that. Everyone seems to be in a financial crisis at the moment, and there's a party of arrogant, racist twats gaining popularity in Britain. The future of the 2010s looks promising. - PositronWildhawk

Does that include Donald Trump? I'd say no, and most people would agree with me, unless they are Alt-Right Loones, most would say that guy needs to be impeached as soon possible, yeah Pence is bad, but at least he's not as stupid, and dishonest as Trump.

10 Samaritans

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11 More Environmentally Aware

Global warming is on the rise you lazy fat fats! - LightningStrike

12 Nintendo Doing Good
13 Small Acts of Kindness
14 More Atheists

More atheist means more people going to hell. - ElijahCoriell

This is one of the few reasons I agree with on this list. With more Atheists, we can work towards a better society in my opinion. Despite what a lot of Christians/people of other major religions would say to you, I think Atheists are kinder people in general, than Religious people (not to say that there are no Kind Religious people). One of the reasons I say that, is because a lot of religions keep hatred of certain groups of people like, homosexuals, transgenders, etc. Atheists most of the time don't do those same sort of things. Sadly that may change, because now it's becoming cool to be conservative to some young people, especially for kids born after the year 2000. Generation Z is sadly the most conservative generation sense world war 2.

It is good we have more atheists but unfortunately these atheists are not intellects like John Locke and Voltaire but rather Reddit fedora tripping autistics. Current year atheism sucks. It has become a joke. Modern day atheism is another word for consumerism. They are neck beards who wear fedoras and watch degenerate trash like Steven Universe and MLP. When people think of atheism they think of intellectuals like Voltaire. Nowadays the first thing you think of is REDDIT.

I don't see how that's the "best" thing, but if wanna be atheist, fine. - Metalhead1997

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15 Feminism

Don't you dare hate feminism whoever hates feminism is sexist.


Feminism is cancer

16 Screen Quality
17 The Dark Knight
18 Television Shows

Not trying to sound negative but in my opinion a lot of today's T.V. shows are stupid and some are ripoffs of better ones such as Boy Meets World they made Girl Meets World and other shows idl however, some shows like About A Boy, Family Guy and Big Bang Theory are awesome. Also, Reality T.V. is the worst

Let's see, Adventure Time, overrated! Reality T.V, No thank you! Game of Thrones, again, Overrated! The Walking Dead, do I really need to say it again? I'd say I disagree with this reason for sure!

19 Marvel Studios

The only good thing about this decade :(

20 Much Less Racism

I wish... Are you even seeing that there are a lot of racism attacks in Virginia in 2017? You're blind

Lol irony

No, there's still racism. - Metalhead1997

21 Sexier Women

I don't think women are sexy in the 2010s, they're actually nasty. 1950s women are 500 times more sexier than you think

50s: hot!
60s: hot
70s: hot
80s: very hot
90s: hooottt
00:s decent

22 No Tupac Shakur

Who put this here?

23 Music Artists

HELL NO. The music today is just bland and recycled garbage. - Metalhead1997

There was nothing good about mainstream music artists from the 2010's.

There were still some good mainstream artists like Eminem, Adele, and Snoop Dogg (just check out his older stuff).

Music in the late 2010's became crap.

24 People Are Getting Skinnier

If they are getting healthier, that's good. If they're developing eating disorders, that's bad. - DieGedankenSindFrei

Health wise? If it's to try to look like those models on T.V., then they need some counseling. - Metalhead1997

25 Surge And Hostess Makes A Comeback
26 Anti-Justin Bieber Humor
27 Adam Sandler's Career Finally Going Downhill

I thought people liked this guy?

28 Ponies

Ponies are cancer

29 Vinyl Records are More Popular in the 2010s

I don't think that's true actually :l

30 SiivaGunner
31 4Kids Going Bankrupt

HA HA HA HA HA! Take that!

32 Game of Thrones Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones.
34 Anti-Trump Humor
35 The World Cup
36 Less Smoking
37 The Vancouver Olympic Games
38 The Hobbit Film Trilogy
39 Sports are More Entertaining and Competitive
40 Obama Leaving Office
41 Rise of Indie Gaming
42 Rise of Independent Platforms

Thanks to the internet. People can make music, art, video games, etc. and do not need to rely on big corrupt businesses to make a product. They can make music on Soundcloud, make art on DeviantArt or similar, make their own games and put it on Steam etc.

43 Bad Taste

Yeah right.

44 National Park Quarters
45 Global warming
46 Steins;Gate Steins;Gate Steins;Gate is a 2011 anime television series created by the animation studio White Fox based on 5pb. and Nitroplus's 2009 video game of the same name, and is part of the Science Adventure franchise.


47 ISIS Disbands
48 Less Teen Pregnancy

This is good.

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