Best Things About 2017 Music

2017 has had some good and bad music, but this is the best. These are the 11/10.

The Top Ten

1 Halsey is starting to have her songs appear high on the Billboard Top 100

I'm so proud of the lovely singer Halsey getting more popular because she deserves it for actually being good, and the best singer ever! 12/10!

2 Halsey released Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

I love Halsey's new album so much! It's the best thing ever!

No its atrocious.

Yeah good I guess oops I forgot bad at love hate bad at love it’s a rip of of farely local which is a rip off of colors by hals wait hals ripped off her self I have a crush on sey-sey love her sososo much

3 Calvin Harris released quality songs

I am not massive fan of Calvin Harris, his generic and to be quite honest, awful brand of EDM was terrible until 2017 where he dropped an 80s funk inspired album called Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1 and man, I was impressed. "Slide" and "Feels" will probably make the Billboard Year End Hot 100 and deservedly so because they are both fantastic songs

4 Kelly Clarkson flopped

Love So Soft was overplayed for a couple weeks and then just died out from the radio (but has still been used in ads on T.V.), but I noticed she's been all over the place on television, performing on the AMAs, New Year's rocking' Eve, presenting the Grammy Award for Best New Artist (if I remember correctly), becoming a judge on The Voice, and hosting the Billboard Music Awards, all within about 6 months.

We hardly hear her new music on the radio here in Malaysia. I consider that a good thing.

@lovefrombadlands, I'm sorry, I really am, When I added items like, ''Halsey sucked this year'', ''AJR realesed The Click'', And ''The Chainsmokers - Bloodstream'',And made that dumb cooment in the, Top Ten Most Disappointing Things in 2017's Music list, It was out of pure anger and I didn't look if it was wrong or not (Though I should know better) If you don't want to forgive me, Then that's fine (Because like I said, I should know better) Just know I'm sorry and I won't do this again.

5 Portugal. The Man released Feel It Still

One of the best songs of this year. Love a surprise indie rock hit! Really its in the same vein as Walk The Moon's Shut Up and Dance from 2015

This song is amazing! It's so good and unlike any other song I've ever heard before!

This was my first list that people actually cared about. Wow, what memories.

Great song, one of the only in the mainstream worth hearing.

6 Halsey Released Bad at Love

I'm fairly certain this is your favorite song, lovefrombadlands, right?

7 Camila Cabello released Havana

This is one of the worst things in music ever right up with Ricegum trying to rap

This is an amazing song! It has a good beat and an amazing voice! 11/10!

None of the items on this list are good at all.

8 Imagine Dragons released Evolve
9 Taylor Swift released Reputation

This isn't one of Taylor Swift's best albums. The fact that millions of people have brought it without questioning the quality of songs like "Look What You made Me Do" and "Gorgeous" says a lot about the sheep mentality that seems to continue to ride high this decade.

It's the worst album she's ever made, with her worst songs, Taylor is now a sellout pop singer.

This has to be her worst album ever

This is one of the worst though

10 Some of the best singers returned

Like Halsey, Imagine Dragons, and Taylor Swift!

The Contenders

11 The Chainsmokers & Coldplay released Something Just Like This

No this can not be lower love the chainsmokers love coldplay

Can we get this lower please?

12 Miley Cyrus improved

True, "Malibu" is very nice.

Malibu is an amazing song and she's becoming a much more relaxed and nicer singer, much better than bangerz

13 One Direction disbanded

Honestly, I thought 1 Direction disbanded in 2015

Harry is the only good one though.

I kinda think Harry's songs are the worst songs ever, but I guess I can kinda see how people like them because they are slow but I just really don't like his voice on Sign Of The Times

I mean, they make horrible songs on their own too (especially Harry) but at least they aren't a band anymore

14 Harry Styles released his self-titled album
15 Kesha released Rainbow

One of the best pop albums of the year bar none. Kesha returned with a honest and in many ways inspiring album given all she has been through yet she didn't make a bitter, angry at everyone who did her wrong album, she made an album full of just great songs which a certain OTHER female pop star could learn in light of the album she released this year.

Ew! This bad album should not be on my list

No This Album Is Awesome, Reputation Sucks

Amazing album.

16 The David Bowie Troll Got David Bowie to Number 1 on Many Worst Lists

Best meme of 2017, if not all time.

Oh my god, wow.

17 Chris Brown's career ended

No it isn't. America keeps giving Chris Brown hits.

That happened? Cool!

18 Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid Helped to Prevent Suicides with 1-800-273-8255

Whether or not you hate the song, and/or find it actively offensive to those suffering suicidal-based issues, you gotta admit it was a very generous move on their part to bring awareness to the hotline, and apparently calls/website visits rose by 50% after the MTV award show.

19 Halsey released Not Afraid Anymore

I love this song so much!

20 Katy Perry released the "Swish Swish" music video

I had forgotten "Swish Swish" existed that's how forgettable the song is. I only remember the video because it was so STUPID, it was unbelievable.

Oh yeah that song. This music video was stupid just like the song itself

This is just such an amazing video, and song. 11/10!

This is the worst music video of all time...

21 Overkill released The Grinding Wheel
22 Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa, and SZA broke out

This is an amazing thing about 2017 music! They are all such amazing singers and it's a pleasure to heard their beautiful songs on the radio.

23 Sam Hunt became good again

He released two of the Worst songs of 2017 and yet we're putting him on a list of the best things about music in 2017? We DID NOT need a song like "Drinking too Much" or "Body Like A Backroad"!

Was Sam Hunt ever good? Nope in fact he got worse

Not only did he get worse, but he was never good.

This isn't true! Who added this?

24 The Chainsmokers Released Memories... Do Not Open

It's an amazing album folks!

25 King Diamond became a father and named his son Byron, after Uriah Heep's singer David Byron
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