Best Things About Adam Gontier


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1 He loves his fans

He actually went to a hospital in South Dakota to see a fan with kidney problems and not only did he play “Never Too Late” at the hospital, the band also dedicated it to him at the show they played that night. It also kind of looked like he was about to cry when he was reading the story at the beginning. - 3DG20

2 He is nice

He’s usually open to signing autographs, giving hugs and taking pictures with fans. - 3DG20

3 He has an amazing voice

His vocal range is nearly 3 octaves and as mentioned later on the list, he can sing both aggressively and cleaner songs. - 3DG20

4 All of his songs come from the heart

Especially “One-X”. He wrote most of the album while he was getting clean from OxyContin. - 3DG20

5 He’s great at the guitar

One of Three Days Grace’s demos, “T.V.”, (Adam was the lead guitarist at the time) “Never Too Late”, (he is the one playing the acoustic guitar, at least in the music video) his cover of “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam, and “The Drugs Don’t Work” by The Verve are a few of his best in my opinion. - 3DG20

6 He’s extremely talented

As far as I know, he can sing, play guitar, I’ve seen pictures online of him playing piano, bass, drums, and his friend Kevin Brown said he could play the trumpet. - 3DG20

7 He got himself clean from OxyContin

There’s more information about it on his documentary “Behind The Pain”, but basically, he got addicted to heavy painkillers when the band was touring for their self-titled album and went to rehab as soon as they were done touring. That’s actually how most of “One-X” was written. - 3DG20

8 He’s helped so many people

Not only with his songs, but he’s also visited rehab centres to play acoustic shows and talk to the patients, and as mentioned earlier, he visited a hospital in South Dakota to play for a sick fan. - 3DG20

9 He can sing both aggressive and clean vocals

Yesss! I love this about him! He has a really sexy aggressive and clean voice!

In songs like “Last To Know”, he sings more softly, whereas songs like “Riot” or “It’s All Over” have more aggressive vocals. - 3DG20

10 He uses little to no autotune

There are so many artists who depend on autotune to make them sound good, but Adam pretty much sounds the same live as he does in the studio. - 3DG20

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