Ten Best Things About Alex Lange

A few weeks ago, I came across Instagram model, Alex Lange. I started following him on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. I really admire him, so I thought I'd make a list to appreciate him.
This list is in no particular order.

The Top Ten

1 He's French

Come on, French people are awesome. Aye? - HaydenFullwright

2 His Relationship with Bailee Madison

They're so cute together, and I'll ship it to the day I die. - HaydenFullwright

3 He Avoids Drama

In a day and age where it seems like so many people are so dramatic, he's one of those people that stay away from it. Thus, making his content and social media profiles more peaceful. - HaydenFullwright

4 He Lives In Los Angeles, California

Like, honestly, I'm not a big fan of California, but I've wanted to go to LA for a long while. - HaydenFullwright

Seriously. I've wanted to go to LA for a LONG while. - HaydenFullwright

5 He's My Age

Not exactly. I'm seventeen. But he's still so close to my age that it makes him relatable. For me, it's hard to find teenage Youtubers, and even harder to find teen Youtubers worth watching. I was so excited when I realized Alex has a YouTube profile. - HaydenFullwright

6 He Inspires Me

He's not the only online star that inspires me, but he's in the too three for sure. He promotes love towards family, bonding with your family, and loving everybody. No matter who they are, or what they've done.
Not only does he inspire me to love; he inspires me to do things. To not limit myself. - HaydenFullwright

7 He's Fun To Watch On YouTube

I think a large amount of us enjoy YouTube a lot. And we enjoy watching fun/funny people. But I personally am not entertained by watching someone cut up a Barbie or walk into poles in an attempt to make the viewers laugh or return to their channel. Alex is fun/funny in a very down to earth fashion. - HaydenFullwright

8 His Mom

Okay, I'm not sure if this counts as reasons to love HIM, but every time his mom is in a video with him, all I do is listen to her French accent. Seriously. I barely catch what anyone is saying. I don't know if it's just me, but I could listen to accents for hours.
And his mom is so sweet and funny, too. - HaydenFullwright

9 Bailee Madison Bailee Madison

Again, not sure if this counts for a reason to love him. But I really look up to Bailee, as well. She's fun/funny like him, and she inspires my faith. And as I mentioned earlier, they are so cute together.
Maybe I'll make a list with reasons to love her, too. I aspire to Alex and Bailee equally. - HaydenFullwright

10 He Loves His Fans

Honestly, I give any famous person a thumbs up for showing gratitude and love toward their fans. - HaydenFullwright

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