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1 The Land of Million and Half Murders

Algeria is the land of million and half million martyr.please correct it

2 The Second-largest Arab Country

No the first largest Arab country

It's a berber country mainly only arabic speaking and its not even arab its dalija

3 Many Cultures

Many language, danse, food, mentality - belarbi

4 Greatest Players of Arabian Football Ever

Yes, they really did a great job in the world cup, and together with Argentina they were the toughest rivals of Germany. - keyson

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5 First President to Speak In Arabic Language Is Algerian His Name Houari Boumdian
6 Beautiful Nature
7 Smart People

They watched too much matrix

The biggest hacker in the world are Algerian - belarbi

8 Algeria Meana "A Lot of Islands"

Algeria comes from algerie the French named the country from the arabization of the government they gave the name of aljazair which is taken from the name dzair to make it look more arabic as the panarabism grewn at that time

9 Studying In University Is Free

Wow, this is something really good. - keyson

10 Courageous Men
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