Top Ten Best Things About Amy Lee


The Top Ten

1 Her Voice

If you hear Amy's voice, you have great taste in music. - 05yusuf09

She is one of my favourite singers!

It's nearly impossible to sing as good as Amy Lee.

Her voice is beautiful

2 She Is So Pretty

She looks and laughs, enough said. - 05yusuf09

3 She Has a Great Personality

She is especially great role model for young girls. - 05yusuf09

4 Her Face

Her face is so cute and pretty. - 05yusuf09

5 Her Eyes

Damn! I wish I had her eye color but my mom is a hater, she said I'd look scary with a different color of eyes, especially green. - KianaLexi

6 She Is Helpful

She is wonderful person. - 05yusuf09

7 Her Style

Amy has a beautiful style... Especially her black hairs. - 05yusuf09

8 She Is Funny

Her laughs so beautiful. - 05yusuf09

9 She Accepts Her Fans

Hahah this is a good one

10 She is So Cute

Just look the Fallen album cover. - 05yusuf09

The Contenders

11 Her Hair

So long! I also wish my hair was as long as hers. My weave is just as long as hers though but it's not mine... Ah, maybe someday. - KianaLexi

12 Her Body
13 She is Nice
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