Top Ten Best Things About Animal Crossing


The Top Ten

1 The Villagers

I like the villagers because they are cute and make the town better. - ElectronWildHawk

Well duh its number 1 and should be cause villagers is 55% of animal crossing and my favorite villager is Dora. She's a mouse but sadly I destroyed my town and I never see her again :( - spodermanfan1000

2 Seasons

My favorite is winter cause its Christmas and there are pretty lights on the trees and the graphics for the snow is beautiful! - spodermanfan1000

I like how there are different seasons. - ElectronWildHawk

3 The Beach

Wow. The beach is so relaxing. Its even better when you live by it. - ElectronWildHawk

4 You Get to Be a Mayor

You can be mayor. - ElectronWildHawk

Only in New Leaf.

I can?! - AnonymousChick

5 Tom Nook

He is my favorite character. Lol - ElectronWildHawk

6 Multiplayer

I like to play with other people. If you don't it is like your missing a chunk of the game

You can play with friends. - ElectronWildHawk

7 Fruit

I like all the kinds of fruit. But my favorite is cherry. - ElectronWildHawk

8 Fishing

I like to fish - ElectronWildHawk

9 Bugs

I like the bugs. - ElectronWildHawk

10 The City

I love the city! - ElectronWildHawk

City folk is the 3rd favorite out of the series for me. The city is great I can't believe it's not in new leaf. The new game better have the city! - spodermanfan1000

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11 Events
12 Crazy Redd


13 Rover
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