Best Things About the Anime Pokemon XYZ

This list contains my opinions. If you don't agree, you can remix it, bud.

The Top Ten

1 Ash-Greninja

He was Ash’s strongest Pokémon ever! I hated that he had to release him in the end.

2 Lillia Decides to Go Out with Clemont
3 Very Few of Clemont's Inventions Actually Don't Blow Up.
4 Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie were like a family

I added this. I really loved their group chemistry. It was even better than Brock & Misty’s group chemistry. Even though Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena weren’t the original gang (like Brock & Misty were) they honestly felt to me like they were the original gang, but they’re not. But that’s what makes them special to me!

5 Bonnie Gets to Own Zygarde

Probably one of my favorite Bonnie moments in the entire anime series.

6 Ash Defeats Alain's Metagross Using Pikachu
7 Serena Attracts a Lot of Rhyhorn Solely Using Her Looks During a Princess Key Contest

Even if you probably hate Serena, you must admit that she displayed a lot of swagger - styLIShT

8 Jessie Defeats Serena at a Princess Key Contest
9 More Pokemon Falling in Love with Other Pokemon
10 Chespin and Pancham Constantly Fight Increasing the Hilarity

The Contenders

11 Clemont Repairs His Robot Friend Clembot

He gets destroyed later anyway.

12 The animation
13 Ash returns to Kanto knowing his loved ones will be there waiting

By that I mean Delia, Samuel, Misty and their Pokemon.

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