Top Ten Best Things About the Appearance of Your Crush or Boy/Girlfriend


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1 Smile

When my crush smiles at me it always makes my day

Man my crush is so beautiful. I have been given a gift from God that I can feel true love at a young age. Her eyes, her lips, her hair, her skin tone, her smile, her height, her personality (she's a nice person) EVERYTHING. Of course, she has her flaws but I think I can make her love me and convert her to God. We're a little bit of friends since one of my best friends (who also likes her, haven't told him yet) is her friend (he's friend zoned) so I hang out with him and we see each other once in a while. I was able to play sandwich (that hand game) with her earlier today snd sometimes she asks for a hug but since I'm known as an "asexual" (used to be, not anymore) and it's in public, I reject. If it was in private I'd accept though.

The guy I have a crush on hardly ever smiles, but when he does, my heart melts. (Don't judge me. I have a heart as well as a brain.) - RockFashionista

My crush kind of smiles when he wants to, either when I joke with him or we are playing Apples to Apples, but when he smiles its AWESOME!

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2 Eyes

My eyes are light brown the best thing I never able to see my crush eyes cause I never looks in his eyes, I don't know but I feel little strange to look directly in his eyes

The eyes of my crush are blue with a bit of green, I could stare into them forever but he would find that creepy. - Pegasister12

Mine are blue, and girls are always saying wow! Your eyes are like oceans I'm just like what - trender2004

My eyes are blue and my boyfriend's eyes are hazel, I could stare at them for life! - Swiftdawn

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3 Hair

His hair is great <3. His hair makes him look shy, but he's very outgoing. - Luckys

I love my crushes hair if is sweeped to the side and is blonde and he always flicks it and puts his hand through it

My crush has the nicest blonde hair and is all sweeped to the side. Awesome

This is gonna sound really gooey and gross so I give you permission to vomit, because I like putting my hands through my boyfriend's hair, especially during, before, or after a kiss - Swiftdawn

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4 Weight

Usually people get bullied over this. - trender2004

Trender2004 70% of overweighted males are bullied at my school I done a survey

5 Hands

Is this inappropriate or am I dirty-minded - DubstepLover

6 Lips

Lips of my crush is exactly like Justin Bieber, and he always irritate when I mention this thing.

7 Height
8 Legs

What if you have a crush on a dude? - JustARandomGirl

Girls with sexy legs! are the best - YanRocky

9 Skin
10 Nose

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11 Shape

Yep, it's definitely the shape. - micahisthebest

12 Butt

I'll admit, butts are quite nice to stare at. Though, I don't understand why us humans are attracted to butts.

Whoever added this is a huge pervert... - JustARandomGirl

My girlfriends is amazing - EvilAngel

The buns rule the eyes!

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13 Teeth
14 Feet


15 Tits
16 Laugh

Yes his laugh makes me smile *sigh* - Luckys

Nah. My crush laughs like a dog and a hyena had a baby. It is ugly. - JustARandomGirl

17 Chest

You need good abs. - micahisthebest

18 Muscles

Yes, you can't be the weakest person for someone to marry you. - micahisthebest

19 Freckles
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