Top Ten Best Things About the Appearance of Your Crush or Boy/Girlfriend


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1 Smile

Man my crush is so beautiful. I have been given a gift from God that I can feel true love at a young age. Her eyes, her lips, her hair, her skin tone, her smile, her height, her personality (she's a nice person) EVERYTHING. Of course, she has her flaws but I think I can make her love me and convert her to God. We're a little bit of friends since one of my best friends (who also likes her, haven't told him yet) is her friend (he's friend zoned) so I hang out with him and we see each other once in a while. I was able to play sandwich (that hand game) with her earlier today snd sometimes she asks for a hug but since I'm known as an "asexual" (used to be, not anymore) and it's in public, I reject. If it was in private I'd accept though.

The guy I have a crush on hardly ever smiles, but when he does, my heart melts. (Don't judge me. I have a heart as well as a brain.) - RockFashionista

My crush kind of smiles when he wants to, either when I joke with him or we are playing Apples to Apples, but when he smiles its AWESOME!

Yes this was so nice about my crush I got a smile almost every day and it would make my day

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2 Eyes

My eyes are light brown the best thing I never able to see my crush eyes cause I never looks in his eyes, I don't know but I feel little strange to look directly in his eyes

The eyes of my crush are blue with a bit of green, I could stare into them forever but he would find that creepy. - Pegasister12

Mine are blue, and girls are always saying wow! Your eyes are like oceans I'm just like what - trender2004

I must say my crush has a devilish smile... So I choose the eyes. - dhruvchauhan1333

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3 Hair

I like the shaved look on boys or a full head of hair but not too long. - PrincessKiana

My friend thinks my crush's hair is weird but I find it very hot. - Popsicles

Long hair enhances any girl's looks. - PetSounds

My crush has really cool hair...^-^

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4 Weight

Trender2004 70% of overweighted males are bullied at my school I done a survey

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5 Hands

Is this inappropriate or am I dirty-minded - DubstepLover

6 Lips

Lips of my crush is exactly like Justin Bieber, and he always irritate when I mention this thing.

7 Height
8 Legs

What if you have a crush on a dude? - JustARandomGirl

Girls with sexy legs! are the best - YanRocky

9 Skin

I like naturally tan skinned boys and dark skinned boys, to me they are just so attractive to me. - PrincessKiana

My crush is naturally tanned, and I find it really attractive. - Ku

10 Nose

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11 Shape

Yep, it's definitely the shape. - micahisthebest

12 Teeth
13 Butt

I'll admit, butts are quite nice to stare at. Though, I don't understand why us humans are attracted to butts. - drdevil

Whoever added this is a huge pervert... - JustARandomGirl

My girlfriends is amazing - EvilAngel

The buns rule the eyes!

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14 Feet
15 Tits
16 Laugh

Nah. My crush laughs like a dog and a hyena had a baby. It is ugly. - JustARandomGirl

17 Chest

You need good abs. - micahisthebest

18 Muscles

Yes, you can't be the weakest person for someone to marry you. - micahisthebest

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