Top Ten Best Things About Aspergers Syndrome

I have Aspergers Syndrome, so I decided to make a positive list about it.
I am not trying to brag by making this list, and I'm not trying to make fun of other people.
The Top Ten
1 You have a visual memory

If I think of a certain anime character doing a certain thing he didn't do in the anime, I can EASILY get a image like that pictured in my mind.

2 You are very honest

This prevents me from getting in trouble at times. I just say what I did wrong, and then people get less mad at me then when I lie about it, or when I deny it.

I used to speak so honestly it would hurt or offend some eole. Now I know what's considered socially acceptable and follow that, except with people I'm very close to.

Yeah, I usually don't like lying.

3 You are very creative

I have Asperger's and I'm not very creative but most people with it are so just remember that.

4 You usually have a normal/above normal IQ

I have taken 3-4 online IQ tests, and all of them have indicated an iq somewhere in the 115-132 range.

5 You are very good in reading and have a possibility to excel in grammar and spelling

I spell better than everyone in my grade, and always end up with the spelling list for smart kids. You'd think that after 7-9 years of learning, they'd have learned how to spell properly but no.

Yeah, I've always been pretty great at spelling. I also knew how to type properly even when I was 7 (I didn't type Like This, or liek dis)

In 2nd grade I was doing 7th grader spelling words.

6 You remember things better and more detailed

I often remember things very well - I'm very good in remembering the year of when a certain movie came out.
I also remember some things from my early childhood.

I do remember things well, but I have a very bad functioning short term memory. I often can't remember my dreams as well

I remember the EXACT details of nearly every single party I attend and every vacation I went on. (Well, ALMOST all the exact details...)

7 You focus more on details

I notice everything that's wrong: spelling errors, glitches, off-centered objects, marks on the walls, everything.

8 You study facts

I study everything that interests me.

9 Lots of famous people have/had Aspergers Syndrome

Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Dan Aykroyd, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Robin Williams, the creator of pokemon, and (possibly) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the list goes on and on.

Let's not forget that the creator of Pokemon has autism.

10 You are good at what you enjoy doing

I am very good at spelling, reading and math. I am also pretty good at tennis, cricket and softball. I am somewhat good at the ukelele, but I don't really enjoy playing it. I also have an odd way of learning language. There will be a certain mental barrier there for the first few weeks, but after it breaks, I memorise everything better than most other people.

The Contenders
11 You are talkative

Depends, I can be very quiet as well and I can't always start a conversation by myself. I also that I'm annoying and that I talk too much and other people are annoyed which makes me feel awkward and guilty

If your friends like talkative people and you know a lot, then this can lead to a very cozy experience. When I talk, I go on for a long time, but I can create a cozy experience.

I have it and no matter what I never have the balls to talk to anyone.

Very true but sometimes my relatives get annoyed by it...

12 You are very original in your ideas

The stories I write can be very random at times, but very original in a good way.

13 You are more likely to be androgynous

I am a demigirl, and wish this was so. If anyone wonders what this means, it means that I usually feel like a girl, but I also feel like not a girl but not a boy either. It feels like I have no gender at all. So you could say that I'm both female and non-binary.

14 You have unpopular opinions on the most overrated media of all time

Twilight sucks. This is well known.
Pizza sucks. I hate italian food.

15 You stay away from bad trends

All makeup is stupid, except for eyeshadow and foundation that's 5 shades paler than my actual skin.

Bad trends: Booty shorts (ugly), crop tops (Ugly), Makeup (Dumb and looks creepy sometimes).

16 You are very dedicated
17 You're an expert at video games

My "Asperger syndrome" obsession is Kirby, and that's the only game I'm quite good at. Mario, I'm OK at, but I suck at everything else.

Not really. I'm awful at video games. I'm sure even some kids are better than me...

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