Top Ten Things About Atlanta

So why is Atlanta a awesome city? Here's what I think!

The Top Ten

1 Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is just east of the Atlanta metro area. It's one of the highlights of it in general. There are many things to do all year round; it's fun for the whole family! - Stormver101

2 The Fox Theater

Atlanta is home to the Fox Theater, where shows are played year round. Actors from all over the country join in on one of the stops at the Fox Theater. - Stormver101

3 Underground Atlanta

Underground Atlanta is a whole new world. There's always something you'd never expect, and when it's your first time, there's many new sights! - Stormver101

4 Georgia Aquarium

One of the largest aquariums in the world, the Georgia one has many animals that make their homes there. From penguins to beluga whales, stingrays to horseshoe crabs, there's never something more intresting than the animals in the biggest tank. The animals there are just a light show in progress. It's nonstop, you can always see them when it's open. - Stormver101

5 Zoo Atlanta

The name says it all! Recently there have been two pandas born there. Animals never cease to amaze others. There's many kinds of animals, from flamingos to Komodo dragons! - Stormver101

6 Fernbank museum of natural history

It has different exhibits every time you go :3 - Stormver101

7 Ice skating

It never snows here. So when would you expect a outdoor ice rink? That's where this comes to play. There's also a movie theater there too! - Stormver101

8 The celebrities
9 Coke Museum

Where else are you going to have the option to try over 100 sodas from five different regions?

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