Top Ten Best Things About Autumn

Fall, the leaves are changing color, apple picking, Halloween, thanksgiving, some apple pie, love it!

The Top Ten

1 Halloween

I loathe Halloween. - TopTenTed

I love Halloween - Kefka

I think October is in fall, and Halloween is my second faverite holiday, behind Christmas. - ToptenPizza

2 The Trees

It will look cool in a few weeks with the trees - trains45

The trees are really pretty in the fall - trains45

The trees are beautiful, especially the red ones. - ivylee

I love how the trees are red orange and yellow, it makes the fields of trees I can see in the distance out my window look so buetafull. - ToptenPizza

3 Cool Weather

Not too hot, not too cold.

Perfect - TopTenTed

Perfect. This is why fall is better than any other season. Less bugs, no allergy season, not too cold, not too hot. And finally after three months of being near a volcano you get this.

I love fall weather. I love it almost as much as summer weather. Too bad winter, my least favorite season, comes after it... - ToptenPizza

Yes, it's always nice to take a break from the heat in summer. - ivylee

4 Apples

Apple pie is my all time faverote! I go apple picking with my cousins then go home and make an apple pie, my grandma makes a really great one, I also like apple sauce! - ToptenPizza

5 Crunchy Sound Leaves Make

For some reason I love the sound made when I step on leaves - ToptenPizza

6 Thanksgiving

This should be number 1!

Time to eat until I pass out! - ToptenPizza

7 Pumpkins

Pumpkins are gross lol

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin decoration, pumpkin scent.

I do like carving them! I also love pumpkin pie! - ToptenPizza

8 New Seasons of TV Shows
9 Raking Leaves And Jumping Into Piles

I still enjoy that to be honest.

10 The Red, Orange, and Yellow Colored Leaves on Trees

The Contenders

11 Beautiful Scenery

The changing leaves look wonderful.

12 Seeing Your Friends At School Again

It's always nice to see your friends again. Hopefully.

13 Nice Clothing
14 Pie
15 It Makes You Cozy
16 Sweaters

You could wear comfy sweaters in fall, without needing heavy coats - ToptenPizza

17 Everything is Calm
18 Eating Pumpkin Pie
19 Hot Chocolate

Ah, hot chocolate. Marshmallows on my sleeve? DEAL WITH IT! - ToptenPizza

20 Getting Ready for Christmas

I live in Australia and the seasons are other way around because October is in Spring, and our Christmas is in Summer.

21 Gets Dark Earlier
22 Going Camping
23 School

School beginning part was not the best was better later in the year - trains45


Meeting new people and learning new things.

24 Shopping For New Clothes For School

Every teen likes to shop for clothes.. Unless you're me.

25 Sports Seasons Are Starting

True it cool to see nhl and nba start their seasons - trains45

I love hockey and football.

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