Top Ten Best Things About Being 9 Years Old

So a while back when I was 9 I made a worst list but I'm thinking it's not that bad it's great! Well there is bad things (little little stuff) about it. But for the most part it's great! That's why I'm also making a BEST list today! Let's make this list more popular than the worst list!

The Top Ten

1 You don't have to work.

Think of the kids in Africa. - PizzaGuy

2 You have nothing to worry about.

Third grade was possibly one of the worst times in my life (well, that could extend to all of elementary school) but I didn't have so many academic worries or responsibilities. So there was always that! If anything, I still prefer myself right now. - keycha1n

That is the price of becoming less ignorant: you become more intelligent and more aware, but you also worry more about all the problems in our flawed world.

3 You don't have to have that many responsibilities

I do not have any

4 You are still in your childhood

Sometimes I miss this, but I'm glad I'm more mature. - PositronWildhawk

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5 You are really young
6 You get to have more fun
7 You get what you want
8 Everything seemed new
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