Best Things About Being Able to Time Travel


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1 You can correct your mistakes

You correct your mistake (in the past), so you never made the mistake. You never made the mistake, so you never went back to correct it. So you made the mistake. This is a paradox. - Kaboom

I would love to do this... But the bad thing about this is that it would create so many paradoxes. - Minecraftcrazy530

Boy, would I sure use a time machine to do this! - RockFashionista

The paradoxes are worth going back and keeping myself from screwing up... - RoleplayerR

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2 It is a terrific adventure that you can brag to all your friends about
3 You can have the best vacation ever by traveling through history
4 You could make some good money on charging people to take an exotic vacation through time
5 You could re-visit past events from your life
6 You could preview what the future will be like

I wouldn't want to lol. I want to make my own decisions, not based on what'll happen in the future, but then I could go back in time and correct everything


7 You could contribute to changing terrible events that occurred in the past
8 You could make the history books

By being a time traveler, or going to the past and making yourself famous! - RockFashionista

9 You would have a better grasp at how time travel really works

Or you could be the typical damsel in distress in a sci-fi flick who has no idea what's going on. - PositronWildhawk

10 You could visit "the end of time"

Sorry... I ran out of ideas, not entirely sure if this one would work or not. - RockFashionista

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11 You can travel back on the 80s to listen to great music

Ah, yes. Because I remember when 1990 came and the government forced every album from before that year to be burned a la Fahrenheit 451, and then forced every artist ever to perform with the quality of someone smacking a baseball bat into a guitar amp. - ArchAces

You know, you can just... listen to that music in the present right? It's even more accessible now than it was back then. - djpenquin999

Yeah, it's not like you can, you know, go on YouTube and listen to the song, right? Or is it too "technological" for you? - SwagFlicks

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12 You can travel back in time to see if Jesus Christ really existed
13 You could meet dead celebrities

Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell for me! - Lord28

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