Top 10 Best Things About Being Bilingual


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1 You can travel and understand people in other countries

Isn't this the whole point of knowing a new language? - Martinglez

2 You can make foreign friends on the internet

Specially on TheTopTens (if you're second language is English) - Martinglez

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3 You learn other cultures

You get to learn other traditions, festivities, food... - Martinglez

4 You can read in other languages

So if you buy a book in another country, you can understand it. - Martinglez

I'm a dill who can only read and speak English :/ - Britgirl

5 You can watch TV shows/movies in their original languages

Better than watching it in your first language. - Martinglez

6 If you have classes on the language you know, you get good grades V 1 Comment
7 You can talk about people in a language they don't understand

So if you want to say they are annoying, say it in your second language. - Martinglez

8 You understand foreign websites/YouTube channels

Like, in my case, TheTopTens - Martinglez

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9 You can explain the rules of your second language to other people

Unless it's taken to an extreme (people just ask you to solve their work) it's great - Martinglez

10 If you're in another country, you understand the signs

Great if it's something important - Martinglez

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1. You can travel and understand people in other countries
2. You can make foreign friends on the internet
3. You learn other cultures



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