Best Things About Being a Boy

Keycha1n made one about girls, so why don't I make one about boys. To be honest, I'd rather be a boy.

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1 They don't have to go through childbirth or periods

It is very sexist that girls have to deal with periods but not boys. It is just unfair and I am glad that I am not a girl - DrayTopTens

Periods or the worst thing on the planet. You boys are lucky basterds.

I don't want to know what it's like. - Therandom

When I was really young, I was like 'Yes! I don't have to do that! ' - micahisthebest

2 They can have "guy" talk

If you guys know what I mean...(it's talk about girls that are hot, or something about sex, for me at least) - Therandom

3 They can bust each others chops

Girls can too, but I don't see it very often. - Therandom

4 They don't have to worry how they look around other boys

I'm thankful for that. - Therandom

Well, sometimes in school, they do. - micahisthebest

5 They aren't expected to shave

As soon as any form of moustache grows, all I'll do is act like Burt Reynolds. - BeatlesFan1964

When I start growing a mustache it's being shaved off. - Therandom

6 They can play football

Girls can too, but there is no national teams, or high school teams. And I'm talking about American football. - Therandom

7 They are less vulnerable to rape

Sorry girls, but men are raped way less. Though it's usually stupid guys that commit the rape. - Therandom

True, but guys who do get raped are almost never taken seriously. Not only that, but a female rapist that gets pregnant from raping a man or underage boy can sue him for child support.

Guys are never raped. Maybe statutory rape but either than that no.

8 They cause women to be pregnant

You know you also made a list called 'Top Ten Reasons To Stop Sexcism' or something like that. This really counters that list! - jmepa1234

Without our semen, it's hard for women to get pregnant(keycha1n told me of an alternate way) - Therandom

9 They can pee in a urinal

Well don't you think sitting on the toilet for peeing would be better if you could, but you have a private part.

Girls can not, there's no denying it. - Therandom

10 They face less sexism in America

This really isn't true anymore.

It's true. Though, it's stupid the women face sexism. I hate sexism as much as terrorists, racism, rapists, killers, and Satan. - Therandom

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11 You can make "I did your mom jokes"
12 They get a good grades
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