Ten Best Things About Being Male


The Top Ten

1 Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat

This List is just full of sextist stereotypes ugh. - BreakFastBeast2005

We get down to business, cut the chatter, and hang up. - PetSounds

:o they so much man :/ guys to guys is so straight and small! - AlekhyaDas

2 Men remain (relatively) attractive later in life

Ya we do :D
We were, we are and we will be attractive - AlekhyaDas

3 Men are less likely to suffer from depression

This isn't true. Men do get moody, it's not a girl thing. It all depends how one is feeling. - PositronWildhawk

Depression? Whats that? :D - AlekhyaDas

4 Men play games

I can beat you just set the time and game you're gonna lose! I'm the champion!... We are much like that. - keyson

Dude I would marry a girl who would love playing games :D
Guys love games :D
We rock! - AlekhyaDas

5 Men are better able to defend themselves against physical assault

On a serious note.
Seriously, every women should learn karate nowadays with the increasing amt of rape and physical assault to suffer - AlekhyaDas

6 Men don't have to sit to pee
7 Men make more money
8 Men can pee anywhere
9 Having a Penis

:3 ya :P girls die for it as much we do for boobies - AlekhyaDas

10 Men don't have to wear make up to look good

Crispy jeans, clean t-shirt, fresh sneaks and we're good. - AlekhyaDas

The Contenders

11 No living being will ever come out of a man
12 No Sexism
13 Life is Fairer
14 No Period
15 No Boobs
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