Best Things About Bella Thorne


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1 Her Acting Her Acting

She can't act. She's irrelevant and stupid.

She is a fake! Acting is for her!

If you think that. Then you don't know talent and probably are a Justin Bieber fan - westofohio

2 Her Singing Her Singing

Bella Thorne can't sing. She has one of the worst voices on this planet

Really? Her voice is ducks

3 Her Looks Her Looks

If my dog was half as ugly as her, I'd shave is butt and tell him to walk backwards.

Why would you even go to this list if you don't like her? She is the prettiest on the world. You must like ugly chicks - westofohio

4 Her Dancing Her Dancing

She can't dance. She looks like a retard just flailing its limbs. Moron

Well only a moron would say that to a person they don't know. You don't know me ass hole - westofohio

Dance like a slut

5 Her Writing Her Writing

I read her book... It sucked beyond words. She should stick to being a whore. She does it so well.

6 Her Personality Her Personality

Fake She said her friends were bitch

7 Her Hair Her Hair
8 Her Fake Butt

Her butt is real! It is a big, circular butt! Please switch this reason to "her real butt"! It is a true fact! She has thick, feminine thighs that show us so.

She is fake to be loved! She said I was stinky because I'm not as pretty as her

9 Her Charming Smile
10 Her Face
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