Best Things About Bernie Sanders

Along with my lists about Trump and Clinton, here is a list of my favorite traits in Bernie Sanders

The Top Ten

1 He is anti-establishment

"Not a liar," and "anti-establishment." What a joke. He lied to his supporters about all the things they'd get "free."

Then screwed them again by joining the Hillary team to try to ensure his own interests if she were elected. A liar and a loser.

2 He is not a liar

Both Trump and Clinton are to some extent, liars. - HerbiQuintus

3 He wants to make college education free

It's a laughable impossibility, and he KNOWS it.

4 He always fights until the last second
5 He is open about his socialism

OK, maybe most of the American people do not want a socialist president, but he is open about all his views. - HerbiQuintus

6 He stands up for millennials

Because children are the only ones who'd believe his fairy tales.

Even though he is 50 years older than they are. - HerbiQuintus

7 He had the guts to run against Clinton

Some backbencher from NH vs. former First Lady, Secretary of State. The race should never have been close. - HerbiQuintus

8 He stands up for what he believes in
9 He gave Hillary a run for her money
10 He knows how to make people enthusiastic

The Contenders

11 He is Jewish
12 He supports gay marriage
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