Top Ten Things About Black Women That Need to Stop

Don't get mad saying I'm racist I'm black and I'm speaking the truth so the other races don't think of us as crazy people. You all will probably stay that I am rude and deny everything on the list because you know it's true. Don't act like this is true. You wonder why the other races are laughing at us (black men and women). We need to start showing that we care about our appearances. You don't have to wear weave. We need to talk like we have sense. Use good grammar so that we don't look crazy. Don't get mad when someone is trying to help you and tell the truth.

The Top Ten

1 They always want to start drama
2 If they hate someone, they expect their friends to hate them also

Some of my friends like people I dislike, but that doesn't mean I expect them to do so. - Arcxia

3 They act like they are the boss of everyone
4 They like to fight

Not all of us like to fight. - Arcxia

5 They are loud

Not when they are immigrants they have to be careful because in Saudi many black people get sent home to Africa each year - KingKalemSaudiGod

6 They are proud to be hated and known as crazy

I dislike being hated and I do not intend on being known as crazy in a bad way. - Arcxia

7 They take pride in using bad grammar

I was hesitant to vote on a list like this, but I admit that sometimes, I'm really intimidated by the vocabulary and the tone in which black people talk. This isn't all of them, of course, its just that "gangster" talk is really uncomfortable for me, and really stretches to all races. Of course, all my own opinion. - keycha1n

8 They take pride in embarrassing the rest of us blacks
9 They don't like to hear the truth

I'm pretty sure everyone is like that. - Arcxia

10 They use their race's unfortunate past as a reason to bully and be racist to other non-black people

The Contenders

11 They wear weaves

Black women should stop wearing weaves and should show off their natural, unique beauty. I'm an Indian guy and I personally find black women with afros and braids more attractive than the ones wearing weaves. - rapaddict97

12 They like to make fun of people for being themselves

As a black female such as myself, I have been made fun of by people of my race specifically black girls for liking Anime, Heavy Metal, and others that are considered to be "white" when it's not. - Arcxia

13 They think they are "bad"

This post was extremely racist and bigoted towards black woman. If you have to commence your post with "I'm not racist" then you should stop it there. There should be no reason to clarify your non-racism because the only reason why one would do so is because their comments give others the perception of racism.

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