Ten Things About Brony-Haters

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1 Bronies don't care for them

Ya bra we liek MLP you can't stap us ya - DubstepLover

2 They hate MLP

The popularity of the show doesn't matter at all! This show is overrated and mediocre. Stop trying to take over the world with this horrid influence you brony monsters! There are much more better shows that have no popularity at all and you have no taste in them!

3 They hate Bronies
4 The are blind

Blind? Seriously? Are you "bronies" out of your minds? We have actual eyes you know. Take it off this list NOW!

5 They never even watched MLP
6 They will like Rainbow Dash
7 They are meanies

This is not true bronies are annoying and childish while we have actual eyes

If guys want to watch a girls show they can. There's no law saying we can't.

8 They are unhappy

Too many stereotypes.

9 They have to watch MLP
10 They care about nothing but therselves and hating Bronies
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11 They are compelled to hate
12 They don't hate MLP. They just hate how Bronies are taking its popularity to the extreme

I definitely agree with this one for sure!

13 They only hate Bronies that are mean, stubborn, and opinionated
14 They hate Brony Nazis
15 They know that Bronies would've been laughed at in the 80s and 90s
16 They know 4chan started Bronies as a pesky prank
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