Top Ten Best Things About Camping

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1 Roasting Marshmallows

Have always disliked camping, hence my sarcasm post on the subject, but this is one plus side. But you can also do it at home with a fireplace, which I do more frequently. - PositronWildhawk

Only part I like, sadly. Never been an outdoor person! All I can think of is the 40 mosquito bites, the showerless days full of sticky bug-spray and smoke smell... - keycha1n

2 Campfire
3 Activities
4 The Food
5 You Can Basically Do Whatever You Want
6 Singing
7 A Break From Civilization

The absolute best thing about it. I stay away from the campgrounds because people have become increasingly obnoxious. (Just stay home if you're bringing the noise, technology, kids with no manners or boundaries, parents with no manners or boundaries, and can't clean up after yourself. It's supposed to be about nature, not your self-absorption.)

Retreating to a natural enviornment. Hell yeah. I'll only bring my phone just in case if something major happened. Other than that, technology can wait. - Matt3

8 Tuc Shop
9 The Coziness Of Your Sleeping Bag

When I camp, my sleeping bag isn't exactly cozy. It is on the hard ground, and sometimes rocks poke you when you are trying to go to sleep. - Minecraftcrazy530

Hearing the rustling of a sleeping bag while the wind gently wisps against the tent in the silence of the night.

Well, after a long hike, it seems your sleeping bag is like your on fire. - DapperPickle

10 Park

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11 Bears

Mm mm no they not

12 Knowing You Can Survive in the Woods During the Zombie Apocalypse
13 It's Quiet
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