Top Ten Things About Cartoons That Are Not True

The Top Ten

1 The Simpsons went downhill

I love the Simpsons and still watch the new episodes but it went downhill man!

2 SpongeBob's seasons 4 and 5 were terrible
3 Butt jokes are funny
4 Sanjay and Craig is funny
5 Johnny Test is the best show ever
6 Rocko's Modern Life was terrible
7 Family Guy is OK for toddlers

I'm kind of young and I watch it but not for that young - FerrariDude64

8 Uncle Grandpa is the most clever thing ever
9 Dora knows something
10 Dora ate Justin Bieber's poop

The Contenders

11 SpongeBob makes you dumber
12 Spongebob Is Gay
13 Swing You Sinners! Is never referenced in Cuphead
14 Teen Titans Go Has Clever Jokes
15 Chowder was a funny show
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