Top Ten Best Things About Citizen Kane

The Top Ten

1 It Revolutionized Cinema

Not a very good reason - iliekpiez

Rosebud. It's all centered on one word. We're dying to know why Charles Foster Kane said Rosebud in his last breaths. And then, near the very end, they showed us. So, spoiler alert, Rosebud is the sled that Charles played with right before the man showed up to adopt Charles. "The one thing he always wanted but could never get"

Every film you watch today is the way it is because of this movie. - RIDDLER2K15

2 It's unique Story Telling Techniques

Citizen Kane was one of the first films that uses flashbacks - RIDDLER2K15

3 The Acting

Dorothy Comingore also gave a brilliant performance as Susan Alexander Kane. - iliekpiez

Orson Welles (considering Citizen Kane is his first performance in front of a camera) did a spectacular job. - RIDDLER2K15

4 The Dialogue

The way characters bounce off each other is brilliant.

5 The Story

The classic rise and fall story but Citizen Kane does it best. - RIDDLER2K15

6 Many Famous Filmmakers Also Consider It One Of The Best Of All Time

So? - iliekpiez

One of Kubrick's favourite movies - RIDDLER2K15

7 The Characters
8 The Editing
9 The Cinematography

Shown by where Kane is playing with Rosebud. - iliekpiez

10 Rosebud
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